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  1. No, not better. (For me...) There was more money and that lead to bigger things. But I think the original benefited from a (not quite) shoestring budget (I mean, 58 million... fuck me... I'll take a tenth of that and give half away.). It was a tight film. Luckily the writers, directors, and producers didn't let that money go straight to their heads. It was a bigger film, less tight, but it delivered. Like I said, not better. Not worse. More of it. And all of it good.
  2. Quick Deadpool 2 review. It's more Deadpool. This isn't a bad thing. It's neither better, nor worse. It's just... more. And I like it when it's just more when the first one was already enjoyable. (I leave it to you to decide whether the original was good or bad.)
  3. You weren't the first American I spoke to who said that about the Dutch entry. Which makes sense, because it's a very American song. Naturally you'd take a liking to it. (Unless you're not American. In which case... forget I said anything!) Too bad the rest of Europe doesn't agree with you Americans. I'm going to suggest that, next time, we send in my favourite band. Rapalje. They can't do much worse than we have this year!
  4. Well, manure IS a good fertiliser. While Flowerchild was being... well, a child about the addition of wolves, in these games it's at least grounded in some realism.
  5. Finally capable of giving a decent enough first impression of My Time at Portia: It's GregTech: The Game, at least for the initial part. For example, a commission (basically a quest) asked me to try out a Small Planter. But I needed to make it myself first. Sure, let's see what I need to make a small planter. 3 Wooden boards, 2 soil, 2 animal feces. Sure! Can do! Soil is from mining, which I've done. I have soil. Feces spawns where animals roam. Makes sense. I have poop. Wooden boards... okay, I have wood from chopping a tree. How do I turn it into boards. I need a Civil Cutte
  6. I'm not a huge fan of LEGO's Brickheadz. They're a bit too Funko POP for me, and I really don't like Funko POP. But the "Go Brick Me" set in the Brickheadz line tickled a fancy. So... hello! Here's me!
  7. Now, it's been ages since I've played Hexit, so I don't know if this applies, but for cleaver and hammer you'll need a Tool Forge.
  8. From what I understand, Snail actually owns the ARK developer. I'm not entirely on the up-and-up on how it all fits together, though.
  9. I still drop by occasionally. But like Kocken, I don't tend to have much to mention. As for Beyond Skyrim, they already have one module out. Bruma. It's part of the larger Cyrodiil module, I believe. Haven't really tried it out yet, but from a quick run around it looks very high quality.
  10. This is a PEBKAC issue. 1) If you saved the downloaded file, you wouldn't need to download it again. The "installer" is the launcher. 2) Somehow you managed to uninstall your 64 bit Java and installed 32 bit. Actually 2) Are you still on the same computer? No, seriously. Are you? All your issues seem to stem from not being on the same computer as the first time. That's actually a horrible thing, because Minecraft is incredibly bad at using RAM. The more RAM you allocate, the more RAM Minecraft can use, the more RAM it needs to clean... which Minecraft is bad at. Th
  11. Hi, welcome to the forums. If you would like help, DON'T DUMP A FUCKING HUGE WALL OF TEXT IN MY FACE. That promptly gets ignored. I am, however, very happy you managed to solve your own problem.
  12. That's a story and a half! And you'll probably want to post this in the correct sub-section of the forums to get help. And if you DO, please post all the information people might need. I believe there's a guide in the correct sub-forum.
  13. I own 419 games. (Majority from big sales, though. Don't worry. I don't live in a cardboard box.) I've given up questioning "why" at this point. I suggest others don't even start. And I will.
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