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  1. The server is currently down, is it coming back up at some point?
  2. I made a ring of ignition and everything seemed fine with it; the g key function worked properly as in everything around me was being set on fire, right click worked too, but when I tried using the left click function, a fireball shot out but it didn't set fire to the surface that it hit. I made sure that I had a fully charged klein star, that the ring itself had been charged using the v key, but still whenever I left clicked, the ring shot out a fireball, but when the fireball reached a surface or a mob, it didn't set fire to that block or mob. I even tried this in creative and in other worlds. Why isn't it working? And has anyone else had this problem?
  3. So I set out a layout of 2 bundled cables for a nuclear power plant. I wire everything up and the command panel works, the signals reach the nuclear reactor and timer feeding it ice and the spliter cables, but I set up a cable to the MFSU accumulator and I used some redstone as a transition between the mfsu and blue cable that hooks up to the bundledcable so that it would turn the reactor off and turn on a red lamp telling me that the mfsu is full. The mfsu transmitted the redstone signal through the redstone and into the blue cable. The signal reaches the bundled cable but it doesn't reach the reactor or the lamp. Do bundled cables have a certain range? I made sure that the cable isn't split but it still doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. I was thinking, that a great addition to the Technic Launcher would be a texture pack support. The FTB Launcher has a section where you can chose a texture pack to install on a modpack in a few simple clicks and it just downloads and intalls it in a few seconds instead of you having to find the original download links and download it from there and then waste time looking for and downloading the patches for the specific modpack and then having to manually install it. Who think this would be a great addition?
  5. So I tried to play Tekkit Classic,in build 3.1.3, I've seen many people doing it. But whenever I launch the game, it just crashes... why?
  6. I'm wondering, did the Technic team completely delete the back end stuff and the files for Technic SSP or did they archive them somewhere?
  7. ​Wait... you guys deleted the old Technic SSP files? Also wanted to ask you, my old dead hard drive, which I'm planning on recovering, has all my old Technic SSP worlds, could those worlds work with this guy's revival pack?
  8. ​I see, to be honest, in terms of Minecraft, 2011 and 2012 were the best years for it especially for modding. Well, as Yogscast Duncan would put it, All good things...
  9. ​I see what has happened. One of the best mods ever is being forsaken and left out of modpacks because the only fond memories anyone has of it is in the old modpacks like Technic SSP or Tekkit. This really sucks, they managed to ruin an entire mod that had an airtight reputation and a sky high popularity. No wonder Kakermix left it out of the new Tekkit main. :'(
  10. ​Ya, but wait, why in the world did Greg from Gregtech take over IC2?!? I don't know much about Gregtech but I heard it's overly complicated and has crappy textures but still interesting. But the premise of IC2 which already had some pretty complex crafting recipe was power, now it's more than that. What happend to it?
  11. ​Alright, thanks for the detailed explanation, I get what's going on for the most part. But a friend of mine was wondering, you said that you weren't updating Tekkit Classic, so that it could be left in it's original form, he was wondering, why can't the same be done with Technic SSP? Why can't Technic SSP be added, but left in it's original form in 1.2.5 as it was in the old launcher and just not be updated like you're doing with Tekkit Classic? And my personal question is, why is IC2 being left out of any new or updating modpacks?
  12. ​When you say "Old launcher are you talking about the V2 launcher or the first one the V1, the classical one?
  13. ​I'm just stating a fact. Believe me, I like the new launcher.
  14. I was wondering, would the crew that made Technic Launcher ever consider putting back their flagship and first ever modpack Technic SSP back into the launcher? I know that there are custom modpacks that are re-creations of Technic Pack but... it's not the same, first off when spawning stuff, these remakes often use different item IDs than the original. I had to learn the different IDs to do some of my testing and experiments. Second, it's not official, the modpack was popular/famous and everyone would have wanted and still want authenticity. Third, I know about the fact that it's old, but it's not like a physical model which has to have thousands of copies of itself made by machine or hand, an HTTP download, is just a copy and paste essentially from a server to a client in data packets. All you do is make it once, and put it wherever you need to put it so that people can download it.
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