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  1. If you already have your modpack on dropbox, post the direct link here. Easier for others to see how you built it. I wont be able to until I get home from vacation.
  2. This is not isolated to servers only. You would not be able to play singleplayer either with those javas. Well.. you could use them if you only played vanilla. Forge is essential as it makes modpacks possible. Stay with java 8 and please don't use hamachi, it's garbage and has been reported to cause issues with modded minecraft. We recommend portforwarding instead. Join us at technic discord where we got more up-to-date links and bots for easier tech help
  3. Custom Mob Spawner favours only Mo'Creature mod and nothing else, so its name is very misleading. I do have a thread on this very section about my issues with AA not spawning. Or spawning too much in twilight forest. The answer to my problems was JAS; just another spawner. And Jaari. 😉 You dont need CMS if you want both AA and Mo'Creatures. The modpack will run fine as long as you have another spawner mod that helps spawning mobs
  4. Look up our official guide on our website, On the Community tab you will find Guides & Support where you will see several guides for various topics, one of them being the modpack creation guide. I cant link to it since I'm on my phone. Don't compress your modpack as .rar It must be .zip
  5. Post the dropbox link to your modpack, so others can see how you configured it.
  6. Build a solar panel, connect it with glass fiber cable - to minimize the power loss - to the macerator. It would be best to build several solar panels, as they generate very little alone. Also having a storage box inbetween the panel and macerator connection to store power when the macerator isn't in use
  7. I like that idea. Add waterproof buttons to that aswell. Would be nice to have an underwater redstone door contraption.
  8. you should've been on this section, not the Tekkit (space) one. There are pinned topics like these where you can post to look for people. It's also highly recommended that you post something about yourself. Atleast what timezone you're in and whether or not you can host the server. This gets locked
  9. You posted on the Tekkit (space) Server board. Moved to the right board Read the Server Guidelines and edit your title
  10. custom modpack issues do not belong in Technic launcher bug reports. Other people's work is not our responsibility. Pixelmon is among those we especially wont help with, because Nintendo. Google Pixelmon discord or their forums for tech support
  11. custom modpack discussion. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  12. Platform Pagoda is where custom modpack discussions go. Moved
  13. If you have a 64-bit OS then you can download the 64-bit Java that allows more RAM to the game. Google java 8 64-bit, and make sure you close the launcher completely after installing it, it should detect and automatically use the new one. If not, when you're on the launcher and the Modpack screen click the Launcher Options and the Java tab. This will show you which java you have installed and how much memory you can allocate. Do not use Java 9 or 10, they do not work with Forge. Don't allocate more RAM than what your pc has. If you only have 2gb RAM then giving 2 to minecraft will suffocate your pc. Your pc needs 1gb RAM to work in the background
  14. There's only one pack I know of that handles Advent properly. That modpack is in Platform Potluck, go look there.
  15. Server issue. Moved to Server Op Swap Shop