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  1. after 1.12 MC you need to use the Installer Forge instead of Forge universal jar. Download the Forge Installer and rename that to modpack.jar Don't extract it, only download and rename it, same as you would with the Universal file
  2. don't ask others to look for a server for you. go look for one
  3. seed -1753180783 seed -7931588336220906611 I think you need Large Biomes selected when you create the world. I don't recall which is which but I try to aim for mountain areas.
  4. that log is cut and edited. We need the full, unedited log on pastebin.
  5. always provide a link to the modpack in question. the Dropbox link would be immensely helpful
  6. our launcher requires the Mojang credentials to log in, same as every other legit modded launchers for Minecraft. you need to own the Java edition of Minecraft and have a premium Mojang account. that's the account you use to log in through Technic launcher
  7. Nobody asked for this. Xray is cheating, plain and simple. It's also futile to have such a tool when there are mods out there that help you find ores. That's the whole point of modded minecraft. Locked.
  8. custom pack creation Moved to Platform Pagoda Moved back to Launcher Bug reports. This is a bug w/ the launcher. Forge backported the 1.13+ changes in some version after 2847, we should be handling this. -Ptolemy
  9. you can't use a mod for 1.7.10 in a 1.6.4 pack. Same goes the other way around; a 1.7.10 modpack can't have a mod that works only for 1.6.4
  10. I'm unsure about OneDrive, but if they give direct download links to your pack then the launcher will accept it https://technicpack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204199345-How-to-make-a-Minecraft-modpack Scroll down to where it mentions "Host your pack's zip file".
  11. org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated this and Windows 10 on an old PC makes for a bad combination. there's a inside struggle with software going on here. Get an older java version. copying this from our Technic discord bot: 1.) Completely close the Technic launcher. DO NOT skip this step. 2.) Download: http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=98428 3.) Run the Java installer called: jre-8u25-windows-x64.exe that you just downloaded 4.) Follow the on screen instructions of the Java installer. Stick with the default settings. Click n
  12. there was no reason to revive this thread with that low effort post. You are not the original poster of this thread, so your "I still need help" makes zero sense in this context. Thread locked.
  13. custom pack discussion. Moved to Platform Pagoda
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