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  1. this belongs in Platform Pagoda Moved
  2. custom pack discussion, away to Platform Pagoda you go!
  3. This thread was dead 6 years ago. Applaud this genius who thinks the internet doesn't already know there are cracker lunchers out there. Back under your rock you go, locking this undead thread.
  4. stop making new threads of the same issue.
  5. use a pastebin service to post the full log there, don't spill a log's text directly on the forum. Also, this is a custom pack issue, not a Launcher issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  6. custom pack discussion, not an issue with the Launcher, Moved to Platform Pagoda
  7. Munaus


    not an issue on the Technic Launcher, as this is on Forge's end. Moved to Platform Pagoda for custom pack discussion
  8. that pinned thread exists for a reason. Use it.
  9. No help will be given to pirates. Get the real launcher from here and you need to have bought the Java edition of Minecraft. Windows edition cannot be used by any mods, modpacks or modded launchers.
  10. I have to agree with Jaari here. very low effort on OP's part to give us any usable information to work with here. Moved to Platform Pagoda for custom pack discussion
  11. if only there was a section for custom pack discussion on the forum. or a Bug Report section if Technic's official packs didn't work. It's impossible to tell if you're playing a custom pack or Technic's official packs, since your only description here is "the modpack". Technic has 11 and Platform with user-created packs range about tens of thousands. So yes, "the modpack" really narrows it all down. Off Topic is not the place for this.
  12. This thread was solved and done 4 years ago. There was no reason for you to dig it back up with a completetly unrelated error. Create your own thread
  13. there is no truth or false in the CofH config to change the generation. If you want it like Hexxit and Big Dig does it, you'll have to change the number values on the ores with the layer values and amount per chunk. basically what CanVox did was change the layer value to make ores like diamonds to spawn above surface as well as below. opening the CoFH config will make you understand how it works
  14. you don't have any config folder. This must be present, with all the config files from the mods. config files generate when you load the mods in the game, so put Forge and 1 mod in the vanilla modpack and launch the game. Then close it and put another mod in, launch it again. Do this for every mod and they will all generate the config files. Copy-paste those files in your modpack folder
  15. looks like a decently made pack. configs are filled in, mod versions look okay.. You obviously know how to make a modpack, judging by this. The modpack installed fine, but when it tried to load the mods it took half an hour and got stuck. This wasn't meant for my measly laptop. Someone else has to give this a go