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  1. Like, you run the modpack once, it generates a config folder. You edit the config files that need to be edited, you save them. You now just include the config folder in the modpack.zip.
  2. They're text files. You know how to save a text document, right?
  3. JaariAtmc


    No. Forge 1.13/1.14 will not work on TechnicLauncher due to the whole installation process of Forge being changed, breaking everything that worked between Minecraft 1.2-ish and minecraft 1.12.2. It currently only works for Vanilla minecraft (and Twitch Launcher since they package the vanilla launcher).
  4. No modpack name. No technicpack link. No dropbox link. Like, how will anyone be able to check what you did?
  5. When I checked your modpack, the bin folder had a forge jar that was its original name. you really need to change that to just "modpack".
  6. That's because Technic Launcher does not support modded 1.13/1.14.
  7. So, have you renamed the forge jar to modpack? Like literally, renamed it to "modpack". Probably not.
  8. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-aether-ii And you still haven't zipped the modpack correctly.
  9. You'll have to use .zip. Any other file type does not work.
  10. That's because you zipped the folder with the mods/bin folder (you need to name it "mods" and not "Mods" btw). Select the bin/config/mods folder, rightclick -> (zipping program option, like 7-zip or winrar) -> Add to archive.
  11. Wow. This is a thing on Mac??? Thought it was only on Windows. Try updating your Intel HD drivers.