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  1. You are using free mediafire, your modpack download already broke. Use dropbox instead. You selected Minecraft 1.8, while the Forge version appears to be for 1.12.2 This is relevant and important, change the forge version used to 1.8.
  2. Uhh, I wanted to say no support for pixelmon, but your modpack doesn't seem to actually contain pixelmon. You are probably using Forge 2854, in which case you need to rename the installer to modpack.jar. Don't use the universal forge jar.
  3. If you download the launcher from this site, yes, its safe. If you download a pirated version from some other site, well, software piracy usually means viruses or malware.
  4. Are the other servers on your network the same MC version? I'm not sure how far back the whole protocolhack goes.
  5. 1.) You need MCPC (also called bukkit-forge) https://yivesmirror.com/downloads/mcpc 2.) Why would you want this? 3.) See Answer 1. 4.) If you got the money, opt to use apexminecrafthosting for Bteam servers.
  6. Its a 900 MB+ modpack and the host craps out often due to all the downloads. Your connection probably times out at some point. Go play some other modpack. Its just not worth it.
  7. Like, why did you make a new thread for this when the old one is still open and running? I'm still waiting for a reply on the other thread.
  8. It would probably help if you actually included Forge in your modpack. Also, don't use 9mc for mods. Yeah, it has a couple of those, not all of them though.
  9. That log shows you opening the launcher and opening the logs folder. It does not show you starting any modpack.
  10. Ah, dead modpacks. Pixelmon is not supported though.
  11. Yes. Don't buy the Windows 10 version. This launcher is ONLY for the JAVA version of minecraft. The windows 10 version is NOT the java version.
  12. Yeah, but everyone and their mom didn't do their due diligence and checked if anything changed when Forge did 1.13. So yeah, use the installer for Forge 2854+ (1.12.2) and Forge for MC 1.13 and up (yes, that includes 1.15)
  13. Dropbox link now 404s. Both the old link here and the current link on the launcher.
  14. Which Forge jar? The universal or the installer? 1.15 Forge needs the installer renamed to modpack,jar.
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