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  1. We're all adults here, and for some resaon, we don't have any issue with updating "just" 13 mods. I think Plowman got a pack over 100 mods.
  2. Issue was fixed by downgrading java to 8u51 or lower.
  3. More than half your mods are not from Curseforge or Minecraftforum.net. Probably from some crap rehost site like 9mc. Use this to stop doing that: https://stopmodreposts.org/downloads.html
  4. Or a modpack name would be nice. You didn't tell us *anything*.
  5. https://github.com/RS485/LogisticsPipes/issues/944#issuecomment-199009374
  6. Your modpack contains both RandomThings and FastLeafDecay (FLD). Randomthing comes with its own FastLeafDecay, thus you have a conflict. Just remove FLD and you should be good to go. Well, atleast no longer have this issue.
  7. Everyone that did has LONG moved on to later modpacks with actually updated plugins and stuff. The only ones that remain are the massive networks.
  8. Your modpack is a whole 13 mods. I don't even have a clue how you see that as "needing loads of updates" when you can do that all crap locally. You don't need to reupload that modpack every time you make a change to see if it still works, you all do that locally till it works, then you update the modpack on the platform. It took me 2 minutes, 3 tries. Optifine is causing your issues.
  9. Launcher Options > Java Settings > Put it to 4 GB Minimum, as you are trying to play 1.12.2 modpacks.
  10. Considering that most of your mods come from a site like 9minecraft, that's not exactly a surprise. You really, REALLY should get your mods either from curseforge or from minecraftforum.net. I suggest using this browser plugin to help you look for mods. https://stopmodreposts.org/downloads.html Half your mods are not from neither curseforge nor minecraftforum. I suggest you fix that, and also look at all the dependencies needed, like AnimationApi (for Ars Magica) and Mantle (for Tinkers construct). Also, you need to add CodeChickenCore as well. CodeChickenLib is not enough.
  11. Log says you haven't, as in, log is the same error as before. Have you uploaded your updated modpack yet?
  12. Considering that the normal Mojang launcher uses its own java version instead of the version your system uses, UNLESS you change that yourself, yeah, that's pretty much the reason that the vanilla launcher works, but Technic Launcher not.
  13. So, why haven't you added CodeChickenCore/CodeChickenLib yet?
  14. New logs then please. Also, use a site like pastebin.
  15. That would be your graphics drivers, according to the error: ig9icd64.dll+0x1f82e