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  1. Microsoft account? Log out and press the Add Microsoft Account button.
  2. Well, if the modpack you are playing is below minecraft 1.8, then yes, they will always be a non-slim skin.
  3. Microsoft account? Log out, then log back in using the Add Microsoft account button.
  4. Finally had some time to check. I downloaded the pack, started it, ran as vanilla. Went into the bin folder, delete the version.json and the modpack.jar. Put the Forge 2854 installer in there, renamed to modpack.jar. Observed the modpack starting with forge. Froze around startup phase 3, as I had my RAM set to a low amount, due to playing an older modpack.
  5. You log out, then you log back in by pressing the Add Microsoft account button.
  6. Unfortunately for you, since your CPU is quite old, you can't go past java version 8u51. http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=98428
  7. Modpack is not zipped correctly. Please directly zip the bin/config/mods folder, not the folder they're in. Also, no mods included other than forge? As you are using the recommended version of Forge, use the installer "as-is".
  8. It appears responsive. Its also a 2 GB modpack, which implies a badly done modpack at best. Cache folder, which is quite a bit over 1 GB is included. Minecraft.jar is being distributed, which is considered illegal.
  9. How are you hosting the server? Are you hosting it on the same computer as you are playing on? If so, the server IP for you will either be localhost, localhost:8080 or .
  10. When you see this: Click the download link. If it downloads, just put it in .technic/assets/launcher. If it doesn't download either, you have bigger issues.
  11. Forge update 1.12.2 - changed things. You need the Forge Installer renamed as modpack instead of Universal. Download and rename the Installer, DO NOT run/install/extract the installer.
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