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  1. Known issue, is being worked on. Forge changed something with their installers, which causes the "wrapper" that Technic uses to start Forge to not work properly anymore for a bunch of new versions of Minecraft. I think the cut-off version is like 1.16. However, it's not a simple case of updating the wrapper, as that breaks almost all older modpacks.
  2. Mojang login is offline. It will not come back online. That's per microsoft/mojang.
  3. A minor look through google indicates too many biome altering mods. As a test case, could you try removing Endless Biomes from your modpack and see if the issue persists?
  4. "There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue." Don't. Allocate. Memory. You. Don't. Have. Available.
  5. You are trying to allocate 6 GB RAM, but this crashlog is telling that the game tried to allocate that but couldn't, as it wasn't available.
  6. Grab 40.2.9 from the all versions list instead. That works as well, as per https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/issues/9765#issuecomment-1783862198
  7. You have a modpack for 1.18.2, but you included the forge installer for 1.20. That does not work.
  8. What kind of graphics card do you have? The reason I'm asking is because of the warning on the 128x Full.
  9. Have you grabbed the 128x or the 128x Full?
  10. The name displayed on the Launcher is the name associated with the account you are logging into. If the name doesn't match, then you are not logging in with the correct account.
  11. So, which of the patches are you two using?
  12. The amount allocated doesn't matter here, as you are only using about 1 GB to about 2.7 GB for the modpacks. Are you sure you aren't experiencing thermal throttling of your cpu/gpu while playing minecraft? You can check this by downloading programs like CPU-Z or HWiNFO (HWiNFO preferred by myself).
  13. Have you checked the "Used Memory" line above that as well?
  14. Right, because the forums is absolutely filled with this exact issue. I looked through the discord, we have exactly 10+8 messages which cover the two errors present, all are for different things, all were fixed by restarting the launcher once, twice or thrice, with the exception of a bug fix for something related but unrelated to this back in 2021. So yes, we don't test for edge cases that are 1 in a 10 million chance of happening.
  15. That's your Intel HD Graphics drivers. If you do not have a dedicated GPU, you have to downgrade your intel graphics drivers to version 1069. This issue affects modpacks up to 1.7.10 only. 1.8+ is not affected.
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