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  1. But you don't have all 8 GB available. That's what I'm saying.
  2. Probably because Waila requires Forge 1614, and you are using 1566.
  3. It's not really that weird of a question, considering there's atleast two "cracked" technic launchers "available". And usage of those gets you right into the no-help-for-you group, hence me asking the usual question. Yes, you should remove both of those mods.
  4. So, why'd you add LegacyJavaFixer, a mod specially made for 1.6.4?
  5. Cause maybe your machines cannot handle that power (Transformer upgrades!!!!!)
  6. You cannot allocate RAM you don't have available. That's what it says.
  7. What's the chance of IndustrialCraft 2 and Solar Panels not being for your minecraft version?
  8. Its pixelmon, and probably 1.12.2. Welcome to the RAM Hog. Its worse than the feral hogs.
  9. Most modpacks for 1.6.4 and lower. Best not bother with 1.7.10 and up.
  10. No. Mods are made for that particular minecraft version because Mojang keeps breaking shit EVERY SINGLE MINECRAFT UPDATE.
  11. Probably because you didn't have that issue but some other random issue, but since you just had to necro a 2 year old post...
  12. "Titan Launcher". You mean the cracked launcher? Do you have a legit minecraft/mojang account?
  13. Why did you include OptiFabric? Why did you include HardLib?
  14. -- Block entity being ticked -- Details: Name: qmunitylib.blocks.multipart // uk.co.qmunity.lib.tile.TileMultipart Block type: ID #594 (tile.qmunitylib:multipart // uk.co.qmunity.lib.block.BlockMultipart) Block data value: 0 / 0x0 / 0b0000 Block location: World: (-43,64,297), Chunk: (at 5,4,9 in -3,18; contains blocks -48,0,288 to -33,255,303), Region: (-1,0; contains chunks -32,0 to -1,31, blocks -512,0,0 to -1,255,511) Actual block type: ID #594 (tile.qmunitylib:multipart // uk.co.qmunity.lib.block.BlockMultipart) Actual block data value: 0 / 0x0 / 0b0000 Use McEdit to remove the block at the given coordinates.