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  1. JaariAtmc

    Launcher wont work!!

    Launcher works fine. You just shouldn't update past Java8u51 because your pc sucks.
  2. JaariAtmc

    Pixelmon Keeps Crashing

    ./care its pixelmon.
  3. JaariAtmc

    Technic Launcher: Minecraft RAM Over Usage

    And, how much RAM is in use before you start the modpack?
  4. JaariAtmc

    Won't install any modpack trying to play with a friend

    A technic launcher log would be nice. Optionally, come over to the Technic discord, (discord.gg/technic), make sure to visit #rules first before heading over to #tech-help.
  5. JaariAtmc

    My launcher isn't working

    You can't run Forge 965 (1.6.4) with java 8 if you don't add LegacyJavafixer.
  6. JaariAtmc

    Modpacks won't launch

    Try downgrading to 8u51 instead.
  7. JaariAtmc

    Help with custom modpack

    The actual pastes available would be great...
  8. That's strange, as it does work for me.
  9. https://discord.gg/technic
  10. You can't really allocate 4 GB RAM when you have a java options system variable that limits java processes to 256 MB max.
  11. JaariAtmc

    Crash after playing 1 minute

    Lack of crashreports or any log does not help with troubleshooting. Also, your server does not crash if your friend can still play fine. That means connection issues on your end. Nothing to do with Technic or tekkit. Maybe its the massive security hole due to you using Hamachi? Learn2Portforward.
  12. JaariAtmc

    Modpack crashes when loading

    Not a clue. Try some random values, or try some values between 200 and 250. I don't really know the entity ID range, considering that's something that is supposed to be handle by forge, not a mod itself.
  13. JaariAtmc

    tekkit classic crash

    And that's not a legit, or a MAJORLY outdated technic launcher. Get yours from here: https://www.technicpack.net/download
  14. JaariAtmc

    Modpack crashes when loading

    Check your candycraft config to see if you can change Entity IDs. Some entity from candycraft is trying to occupy ID 3, which is already given to another entity.