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  1. Does that mean it is no longer able to be downloaded?
  2. When I try to install the heroes and Generals Ravamped mod, a popup-window comes up saying "Error downloading a file for the following pack: Heroes and Generals Ravamped - Failed to download https://www.dropbox.com/s/biwtmzv95x5zgkj/heroesandgenerals23.zip?dl=1 - Please consult the mudpack author." Is anyone able to explain what I have to do? If so, that would be great, as it would not only solve this problem, but would help me be able to download other modpacks.
  3. Didn't know I did that. Oh yeah, I think I installed that when I was first trying to install the technic launcher, when I didn't know that I had to have Java 8. But I thought I fixed that... Ok I did point 6. Seems to be working Nevermind it's not. Hm... What if I tried an older Version?
  4. https://pastebin.com/buMmTpWV That what ya wanted?
  5. https://pastebin.com/xe4AvT4y First log on the list. I think I did it correctly?
  6. The first time I tried to play the mod is when the issue started. There have been no times it has worked.
  7. Ok I have the logs open, which log is it that you are wanting? There are 6 to chose from.
  8. Once I'm in launcher options, I click the "open logs" button on bottom left corner, correct?
  9. Whenever I try and play the Mod, it never get past the loading sequence "Initializing mods Phase 1". it will load till about 35% through the "PreInitializing" on the second loading bar, and then just stop. Won't ever go any further that 46% (furthest I've ever gotten with it). Sometimes it goes back to the technic Launcher, or sometimes it'll just stay like that with nothing moving for however much time its left there. If someone knows how to fix this, and is willing to share how to do so, that would be awesome! (If it helps, I am on a macOS Mojave, Version 10.14.4, and trying to play the "ScottehBoeh: WW2 Pack")
  10. Glad it worked But of course since I'm on a Mac, after this problem was fixed, a new problem arose from the abyss. lol
  11. Thankyou so much JaariAtmc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has worked successfully and I can now open my technic launcher!!!
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