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  1. Why tf are you mentioning me on a nearly 4y old post (thus necroing it) when your issue has F all to do with it? Make your own post.
  2. Use the NORMAL technic launcher. It won't help if you keep using the cracked one.
  3. Increase RAM under Launcher Options -> Java Settings. 5-6 GB should help.
  4. BetterFoliage is requesting its dependency (Forgelin).
  5. "Hey guys, I tried to do something that it told me would likely not work. It didn't work. HELP". Like, maybe don't use java 12 but just use java 8?
  6. Yeah, there are two lines in there that indicate usage of MCleaks. Go to their website and look up the correct way to uninstall MCleaks. Simply removing the program doesn't prevent these issues.
  7. Probably has to do with the (insane?) amount of modpacks that also have Kingdom in their name.
  8. Hello, I'm HiNiceUsernameNowMine, you seem to miss some mods. First, download these two. No 9mc mods please. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/not-enough-items-1-8/files https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/codechicken-lib-1-8/files Now, add this mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/notenoughids/files/2695044 Once you've done so and tested, please report back.
  9. Locate the hosts file on your computer (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts) Open it with notepad. Copy paste the text to pastebin.com. Share the link to that here.
  10. Sigh. 1. You used the INSTALLER as forge. You don't use the installer, you use universal. Yes, I checked. Your modpack.jar is the same size as the installer.jar, the universal.jar is slightly smaller. 2. You included an UNZIPPED luckyblocks mod. I am unsure why you would think that would work. 3. There's a conflict between DimensionalDoors and AnyDimensionMod. One of the two has to go, as both do not provide a way to change Dimension IDs. If you keep AnyDimensionMod, you will have to change the Dimension ID of Atum (Atum config) to a value above 250/300. 4. Actually include the config files.
  11. you mention crashlogs. Why didn't you include those?
  12. If you left the launcher alone for, say, 2 hours, since this post, this has been resolved.
  13. Yeah, it seems to be looking for a texture it can't find. Might've something to do with CustomMainMenu, as you are missing your CustomMainMenu, as you didn't include the required resources folder for that.
  14. Oh no no no, you don't get here doing all that fancy stuff with not downloading mods from 9mc, actually including configs, and doing some prior lookin up information about how stuff works. What I gotta be angry about now? /s When I started your modpack, it did crash for me. This was caused by optifine. After removing optifine (and replacing forge 1558 with forge 1614), I got to the point that logistics pipes requires buildcraft to work. You might want to run a couple more tests to check if all dependencies are fulfilled. For the configuration, have you checked the JAS wiki? https://github.com/ProjectZulu/JustAnotherSpawner/wiki/Example-Configuration-Files
  15. I checked your modpack again. Why the hell did you include all kinds of files normally found in the forge universal in the top folder?
  16. In short, there were two main versions of Applied Energistics 2 in 1.7.10. One is rv2 (revision 2), the other one is rv3 (revision 3). Mods that require AE2 to be installed had to make their own different versions for rv2 and rv3. In this case, make sure you download a version of Wireless Crafting Terminals for rv3.
  17. You included the wrong version of Wireless Crafting Terminals. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/wireless-crafting-terminal/files/all?filter-game-version=2020709689%3A4449 You included a version for AE2 rv2, while you have AE2 rv3 included.
  18. Why are you distributing the server forge as the client forge? You can't run the server clientside, they need the forge universal.
  19. What's the name of the modpack?
  20. Remember the part where you needed to rename the forge jar to "modpack.jar"? In your case, you need to rename it to "modpack" instead of "modpack.jar".
  21. Yes. You made a modpack for 1.12.2. You used Forge for 1.12.0 (aka 1.12). You need to use a Forge version for 1.12.2.
  22. Can you add a screenshot of your logged in launcher please?
  23. Your alternate option is the what is going to be the newish FTB launcher. That's your only alternative. Twitch is no longer an option as that will stop working the 31st. So, in 4 days. MultiMC does not support 1.13/1.14. Technic Launcher doesn't support 1.13/1.14. ATLauncher dev told that they were very sad at their attempt to make it work, and it sorta does. FTB launcher will possibly work, remains to be seen how well. Twitch offers the functionality for the next couple days and then their partnership with FTB is over. So yeah, there's pretty much no alternatives.