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  1. https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp Grab 64-bit.
  2. Tekkit does not run with anything higher than java 8. This particular error points out that you are using a java version higher than 8.
  3. I'll assume you are on Forge Recommended/Latest for 1.12.2, which require you to use the installer instead of the universal. Treat the installer just like you would with the universal.
  4. You included the Forge installer, not the Forge universal like you should. Forge installer is only for Forge 2854 and up (MC 1.12.2+). And this belongs in Platform Pagoda.
  5. Irrelevant review as this isn't directed at any server posted in this way.
  6. Don't zip the folder containing your modpack folders, zip the bin/config/mods folders directly.
  7. This belongs in Platform Pagoda. If you are using Forge 2854/2855, you will have to use and rename the installer instead of the universal. Do not open the installer, rename it as-is.
  8. Have you considered posting a log, just like the person in that old thread did?
  9. This requires Universal Electricity as a mod as well, a version that's newer than the one included, which then causes more crashes due to mod incompatibilities with other mod versions, you could probably fix that as well by updating more mods, and at some point its no longer tekkit. These two mods were not meant to be added to TekkitMain.
  10. The bug you show in your video is actually a slightly different one, but with a known cause: If you don't set a recommended java, but do set recommended RAM, you get that particular error.
  11. That got me the warning screen instead, hence my confusion on the matter.
  12. I can only get this to trigger the moment I go 1 MB above 16 GB (thus, 16385, 16384 gives the warning). Is this the same in your case, or are there other values that didn't work?
  13. Had you gone and searched the issue, you would've found so many. With so many of my same answer. You used Forge 2855 universal. Don't. Either use 2855 installer renamed as-is to modpack.jar, or use 2847 universal, renamed to modpack.jar.
  14. Out of interest, what's the required minimum memory for this modpack?
  15. If they linked it to their microsoft account and that account is considered underaged, you can't use the launcher. Courtesy of microsoft, really. Such a pain.
  16. Bugger off with your cracked launcher.
  17. Yesterday, around that time, the Xbox service that handles microsoft account logins was down for some time. We had a couple reports in our discord, and Minecraft's own discord nearly got spammed to death about it.
  18. That's because of the M1, not because of the modpack.
  19. Which modpack? Also, pretty likely that your school's network is just outright blocking that download. Kinda surprised it even let you use/download this launcher.
  20. Yes. Don't extract the installer. Thanks. Also, this belongs in platform pagoda.
  21. Well yes, this launcher requires a valid copy of the game called Minecraft Java Edition. The windows 10 version is something else and does not work.
  22. This is caused by the Apple M1 series and how those work. The current "fix" is using a texturepack to flip the colors back. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JdOyfC-hK_EYuovh9Wgv9bKnPdDXLa0K/view
  23. This stuff goes into Platform Pagoda, as it is a modpack issue, not a launcher issue; Heh, another broken SSundee modpack eh? Just open the config (.technic -> modpacks -> That modpack -> config folder) that's named BspkrsCore and set the version/update check to false and save.
  24. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/codechickencore/files/3293859 That one. At the time of making this post, the site is sluggish.
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