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  1. I would love to hear which ones you like to watch if you don't mind sharing! Thank you so much!
  2. In the 90s I played a ton of Hydro Thunder at the arcade back when it was a new game, and I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen!
  3. I figure this is something every doctor who fan does sooner or later lol. Have you made a TARDIS? How did you do it? Obviously building into the ground is the way to go but do you have a method/style? Tutorial you followed? Advice? Thanks so much!!
  4. Does anyone here get super into building houses? plz share your pics and ideas with me! I am looking for inspiration and tutorials. Thanks!
  5. Know any good mods for ray tracing? Thanks everyone. Cheers!
  6. Hit me with your town names!! How do you name your towns? Do you go for the obvious or do you try to get super creative? Do you follow a theme/pattern?
  7. I have heard a rumor that you can dig down deep in river clay patches and find diamonds!!! But it looks like there is a lot of speculation and scuttlebutt around whether it's true. Have you tried it?
  8. According to these guys, up to 2Gs. https://thecostguys.com/gaming/average-cost-of-a-gaming-pc But I bet that is a dope rig!!!
  9. Check out this interactive map on there! I am really surprised at how much they've done so far. https://buildtheearth.net/map
  10. Yes I definitely want to go back and give 3 another try. I wasn't feeling it when I checked it out before but I feel like maybe with a fresh set of eyes and my current love for 4 it will be a more inspired gameplay. I think what I love about it is that it has such a detailed story. As far as xbox type consoles go, I usually get pretty interested in platformers with pretty visuals like Ori and Hollow Knight. I've played some Halo, some GTA, that sort of thing and they were all kind of fun for me but never that big WOW vibe. I do enjoy Bioshock although I've never just played through it in the same way as Fallout, but it's a whole lot like fallout. LP what other kind of games do you like to play?
  11. LOL JAO...It would be all right I guess if I just wanted to build some stuff with literally no challenge. I believe I solved this issue. Looks like I just had the wrong version of a Hexxit copy. Thanks though!
  12. Love that! I started out with 3.5 but moved into a different group that does 5 last year. Enjoyed both fairly equa LP, what was your class/rank in D&D if you can remember? Is Pathfinder a version of D&D? I love the concept of Warhammer. We played something that had the same sort of style visually with the different armies, trees, etc. at our last con, and we enjoyed it...I think it was called Battletech. Our DMs had completely different styles...both really good just in totally different ways. Our first DM was an old school pro and he carried around literally duffle bags full of complex maps and had a super complicated screen with everything you could imagine on it (when I could sneak a peak LOL). He was a stickler about the details but didn't necessarily have a lot of "flair," but made up for it in loads of other ways. Our current DM is a much younger zillenial who has played for years but it's her first time DMing. Her style is less organized and professional bc she's just learning but her worldbuilding is excellent and she does the most amazing NPCs...it's literally emotional for us when they leave. pst
  13. Can you think of a moment where you went from wanting to play to wanting to mod? What inspired you to get into modding? Were you already into programming or did you get out there and learn from scratch? Cheers all!
  14. If you could wave a magic wand and change literally anything in official Minecraft, what would it be? I would add an alien universe biome. LOL.
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