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  1. Anyone want to play https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkit-legends.735902 with me?
  2. Can't fix what isn't broken on our end. Your server is completely unresponsive.
  3. Press the Add Microsoft button again to re-log into your account.
  4. Nice volcano. Would be a shame if it were to engulf your base. Especially when it is full of jet fuel lol.
  5. Moved to launcher tech help.
  6. Not really a house, but I am in the process of building a small spawn area on a server. Goal was to not really have traditional walls and instead use trees then fill in the gaps with fences to keep mobs out. I called it Brush Hallow Outpost. https://imgur.com/a/qv3gzN4
  7. Boy do I have a mod to show you https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/tardis-mod
  8. You like stories? You like writing? You like writing stories? You're in the right place! Let's write a story together! Rules: There must be at least 1 post in-between each of your posts. Please keep your contribution to one sentence. I'll start! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
  9. Hey all, let's try to count to 100! Rules: There must be at least 1 post in-between each of your posts. You can only increase the count by 1. Non-counting posts breaks the counter and we must restart back at 0! I'll start! 1
  10. Everyone is free to post their own games. Just follow the below rules/guidelines: Follow the rules of the game(or don't if that's part of the game). Please do not duplicate a game if it isn't needed.
  11. Had a Gameboy Advanced. So much Zelda was played on it.
  12. Haven't played FO4, but played a lot of FO3. So many hours were sunk into that game. I want to try FO 1 & 2 at some point, but those types of games aren't really my cup of tea.
  13. I play Pathfinder rarely. Played D&D back in 3.5e. Have a friend that's into warhammer 40k.
  14. Star Wars: Battlefront II GTA: San Andreas Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
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