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  1. Already resolved on the Discord, but for everyone else: 1. Log into your platform account 2. Click on your avatar in the top right 3. Click the red Report User button on the right side of the screen 4. For report reason select Other 5. In the description box state you wish to have your email changed and state the new email.
  2. Not a discussion about Hexxit. Moved to Server Op Swap Shop.
  3. Added a rule to keep posts in English. If you have difficulty with writing in English or don't know it, please use an translator such as https://translate.google.com.
  4. Updated some of the formatting. Removed rule allowing modified tekkit servers in the tekkit server advertisement area. Updated title format for custom modpack servers. You now need to put the slug of the modpack in your thread title. Minor oversight on my part for forgetting to put that in there in the last update. The deadline to comply with these updates is August 17.
  5. This is for Tekkit bug reports, not for a 3rd party modpack. Locked.
  6. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  7. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  8. Not a Tekkit issue. User modified modpack. Locked.
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