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    Serendipity (Construction)

    You posted on the Tekkit (space) Server board. Moved to the right board Read the Server Guidelines and edit your title
  2. Munaus

    Pixelmon Keeps Crashing

    custom modpack issues do not belong in Technic launcher bug reports. Other people's work is not our responsibility. Pixelmon is among those we especially wont help with, because Nintendo. Google Pixelmon discord or their forums for tech support
  3. Munaus

    My launcher isn't working

    custom modpack discussion. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  4. Munaus

    Modpack crashes when loading

    Platform Pagoda is where custom modpack discussions go. Moved
  5. If you have a 64-bit OS then you can download the 64-bit Java that allows more RAM to the game. Google java 8 64-bit, and make sure you close the launcher completely after installing it, it should detect and automatically use the new one. If not, when you're on the launcher and the Modpack screen click the Launcher Options and the Java tab. This will show you which java you have installed and how much memory you can allocate. Do not use Java 9 or 10, they do not work with Forge. Don't allocate more RAM than what your pc has. If you only have 2gb RAM then giving 2 to minecraft will suffocate your pc. Your pc needs 1gb RAM to work in the background
  6. Munaus

    Modpack Suggestions?

    There's only one pack I know of that handles Advent properly. That modpack is in Platform Potluck, go look there.
  7. Munaus

    Tekkit Legends Server

    Server issue. Moved to Server Op Swap Shop
  8. Munaus


    Bumping a thread will not give you answers faster. Try our Discord if nobody replies here
  9. read the Server Guidelines. There must be an IP in here. If it is whitelisted it must be stated as such and explain what people need to do to fulfill the whitelist there is also no mention of how many slots this server has. Can you host 10 people or 100? a thousand?
  10. this is the section to advertise your modpack. Not a server we have a different section for servers further down on the board. Either edit your post to reflect what players can do on this modpack or I will delete this topic.
  11. Munaus

    Won't load mods!

    you need to fix all issues before stating that it doesn't work.
  12. Munaus

    Won't load mods!

    you have 2 folders, when it should be 3. Config folder is the missing one In your bin you have a modpack.jar.jar Google "windows shows file extensions" to prevent this from happening. The Forge file must be called modpack.jar DId you edit your mods files in the mod folder? Very few of them have any version numbers on them. No mod developer would ever release their mods without a version number Either you edited them out - DO NOT DO THIS! - or you downloaded from a site like 9mc. Again, do not do this. Mod developers upload their mods in Curseforge or minecraftforum. In a few rare cases the mod devs have their own website. But none of them upload on 9mc or any other website that has a number on its URL address. It is impossible to tell what mods' versions you have in your pack because of the missing numbers. Delete them and upload new ones from the proper website mentioned earlier
  13. Munaus

    Error while launching modpacks

    amateur's work. Moved to Platform Pagoda, for custom pack discussions
  14. Munaus

    My Server Crash on start up

    this does not belong in Off Topic. Moved to Server Op Swap shop
  15. I have a suggestion. How about not posting your server advertisement outside of our Server board?
  16. This thread is reserved for people looking for one or two other people to play privately with. It's strictly for small scale private games, so no more than 4 people, including the host. Anyone found using this thread to circumvent the posting guidelines for server posts will be humiliated and flamed, then banned. The order of those actions may change. Don't post here a dozen times telling different people you'll play with them. If you're looking for that kind of gameplay, go to the server section and find one. After you have secured your contingent of people to play with, at the mods' discretion your post(s) may be deleted. On that note, people caught bumping this thread because they're "still looking for other people" will be subjected to the same treatment as those attempting to use this for larger server posts. Feel free to edit your post, but don't keep adding more posts. Finally, we recommend stating your basic info in your recruitment thread. That includes especially the following: - Number of people desired - Active time zone and times - Activity level (hours/day or week usually active) - Any inactive mods/items you may have
  17. Munaus

    What should I do with my water?

    Build the longest water slide
  18. Munaus

    Custom modpack doesnt load mods

    "This file does not exist" I think that might be the issue
  19. Munaus

    Error modpack making

    Wrong place for this topic. Off to Platform Pagoda with you! Also, we need the dropbox link to see the issue
  20. Munaus

    this pack dead?

    Eventually we will all turn to dust. Everything withers and dies. Mountains will crumble and lands that were are no more. Life is chaos. But after the noise settles, life finds peace. What starts with a Big Bang sooths harmoniously with a quiet breeze. It is that sound that all life seeks. So it is not what is perished that we loss, but what we have gained through the aftermath that we cherish
  21. Munaus

    Need Help With Modpack.

    custom pack issue Moved to Platform Pagoda
  22. Munaus

    Need help allocating more memory to technic

    Moved to Technic launcher Bug Reports
  23. Munaus

    Can't technic mod packs be used as a virus?

    In reality, all mods for every game available on the internet could potentially be something malicious. The same goes for modpacks on Technic launcher, Atlauncher, FTB/Twitch/Curse and Voidswrath launchers. Our official modpacks are safe, as is our launcher. When it comes to the thousands of packs on the Platform... it's really hard to say. We haven't got any reports of anything that could've harmed anyone, and I've been here long enough to remember if there was any. If anything would come up and people report it, we will take action on it. considering the minecraft.jar distribution itself is illegal and anyone doing so will get in trouble with Mojang. Such packs should and will be removed. Most of those happen to be young kids who doesn't know how to make modpacks the only jar that needs to come with a custom pack is modpack.jar which is only Forge renamed Edit. this doesn't belong in Tekkit pack discussion. Moved to Cafe Lame
  24. Munaus

    Update technic

    the people who developed the packs quit. CanVox, Cheapshot and some other names I forgot. Life gets in the way with jobs, education, moving apartments and families. There are rumours of 1 or 2 packs in the works, but when and what they are I can't say. As for when and if we will update the official packs like Tekkit, Hexxit and such? No they are considered completed and finished as-is. If you want more updated packs then you'll be surprised to know that the community has already beaten Technic a thousand times over. The Platform has an impressive number of packs, all made by people more or less talented as Technic was