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  1. I'll just ask over at the minecraft.net forums, they seem to be less fussy about these things. Thanks for the heads up on divining rods, never knew they existed.
  2. So i can use creative mode and thats not cheating, but if i just want to find diamond ore faster, thats cheating? I don't understand. Technic is solo gameplay. If this is not the right place to ask this question, then where is the right place to ask this question?
  3. How is this not the place for this? This is the modders forum. Is there a different forum for this? Is there any easier way than recompiling? Are there step by step instructions somewhere?
  4. I'm wondering how to install the Xray mod into Technic? I've tried a few "tutorials" from youtube, and none of them work. Same problem every time, i load up technic and it's just a blank white screen where the "Mojang" loading screen is supposed to be.
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