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  1. @JaariAtmc Thanks for that link, it's a good read and very helpful. @Manaus Forgive me for posting this a "bug report", it seemed the closest thing to a dev talk board on this forum. Could you redirect me to the best place for dev discussion? (Or maybe I just go to GitHub at this point.)
  2. Thanks. This might be more of a question for the Forge people, but do you know how the Forge installer changed? I've seen some stuff about Forge functionality moving from being done at load-time to install-time, but nothing specific. But anyway, my guess is that an updated Technic Launcher will need to perform the same processing as the Forge installer.
  3. As you know, Technic Launcher doesn't work with Forge on 1.14. Forge took a very long time to update to 1.14. But now that Forge has been officially released, I would like to use it. So I guess my question is, are there any plans to update the launcher? Is the Technic team still active in development? I'm a programmer, can I help? Any idea of the difficulty or the scope of the change required?
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