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  1. That's another game I want, XCOM 2 looked like so much fun, I got enemy unknown with all dlc on the Christmas sale along with worms revolution
  2. Merry Christmas Eve and stuff thread, in other news cold af but I'm playing skyrim cause I wanted to on PS3 can't wait to get legendary edition for pc the get all the mods graphics mod it's going to be awesome.
  3. Sorry for double post I'm just going to (turns on power again) make sure that's working before I go off and abandon this (understand it's Christmas peoole are busy)
  4. Snowy where I am is well and icy seen several people in the ditch luckily haven't been there yet, also curse you 6 inches of snow followed by -27 windchills, the snow will never melt until spring now *cries* If it was warm you know that'd be cool or if there was no wind no wind be cool beans
  5. It seems you aren't generating enough power let me just *sticks nuclear power cell in thread* there should work now.
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