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  1. IGN: No idea what that is Age: 16 Skype: cruddygamer9 or Kody Lawyer
  2. Okay, it is an adventure world. I generated a world in survival and that fixed it. Thanks!
  3. I am not sure if this is a bug or intended. I am unable to break any blocks in game unless i have the designated tool. I can't break dirt without a shovel. I am only able to break levers, torches, saplings, and other plants in game. I have tried re-logging, making a new world and re-installing tekkit and it keeps happening.
  4. I am finding that it happens with most mods including thermal expansion 3. I play agrarian skies and tekkit and I have the same issue with my conduits, itemducts and fluiducts. I think it is just a rendering bug or it may be something else
  5. I have a couple old clip on fans that worked fairly well for the last laptop that I had.
  6. The problem is that i do not currently have an area where I can set up a desktop and a laptop is currently 50x's more convenient.
  7. Hello, I am planning on building a custom laptop for gaming and I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me out with ordering parts and all that hub bub. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. I will have a max spending limit of 1000 or so.
  8. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any cool building designs for this modpack? I have seen loads of videos about buildings in this modpack and wanted to see if anyone else had more.
  9. I think that what it was, was that my download glitched because i had been having issues with my Wi-fi signal so it probably glitched while it was downloading. Thanks a lot for the tips!
  10. That fixed it. Thanks! I tried recreating it in a different world and i couldn't manage to do so. Re-installing the mod pack works wonders! Thanks.
  11. I have a vanilla minecraft nether portal, I will enter my portal go mining come back to my portal after a little bit then return through my nether portal and my project red item transportation system will no longer be there as well as the forge micro blocks I had covering up my system. I checked where I had the chest for the system and the pipes that should be connected to them are no longer there. I have checked to see if the textures did not load when I came back and the blocks are not even there in my minecraft world. The chests are still there but the item transportation system disappears. I have not been able to find anyone else with the same difficulties. I can get a before and after picture to show you what is happening if that will be helpful in some way.
  12. Every time that I leave the Nether my item transport system from project red disappears. The blocks are no longer there after I leave the Nether. I have tried breaking the "block" that I know should be there to see if the chunk would update and it would appear and it won't. the only solution I have been able to find that works is to restart my attack of the B team. IS anyone else having this issue? Anybody have any tips that I could try to see if it works? It may be that I do not currently have ample ram dedicated or something else. I am not sure. thanks for reading all of this! I greatly appreciate any help.
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