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  1. it appears that i can run it by adding it to my launcher ,i then had to remove ic2 to get you pack to load past mojang you seem to also have ID conflicts with buildcraft and miners heaven at 1501 and im using windows 8 and im fine Edit: i also have a modpack you zipped it right
  2. try pasting it to pastebin.com and linking it i too use win 8 but i am fine
  3. Gonna love no ids in 1.7 mods

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    2. dwwojcik


      Mojang deprecated IDs in 1.7.

    3. holymage!


      wait what?

      this still doesn compute in my mind....maybe in a little while i will be able to comprehend the awsomeness

    4. superg2009


      bit late but it will be like this minecraft:bedrock for bedrock and dynemc from pah can be per server due to new fml without client changes

  4. have your or will you add support for project red? http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1885652-164forge-multipart-projectred-v42116-12222013/
  5. are you using java 7 on a mac? if so go get apples java 6
  6. thats biomes o plenty i believe
  7. ysharma the confirmation email i resend worked fine i clicked the provided link and The requested page could not be found. so i can confirm or post really
  8. welcome back supertroll andrew edit ysharma i crash everytime i log in a as my flying ship crashes could you delete my .dat or something
  9. thats MFR and ysharma i crashed do to thaumic tinkers and iron pressure plates id issue 2150
  10. SQueeee you rock ysharma All Hail Quantuam! Edit: error unzipping modpack consult modpack author
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