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  1. IGN: eduardo272727 How is the server?: I really like it ive been looking for one like this one only one mod banned and no items banned Any Suggestions?: Not right now I think the server is good how it is
  2. IGN: eduardo272727 Real First Name: Eduardo Contact Skype: eduardocisneros2727 Age: 14 Location Los Angeles,California,USA Pros: good with plugins like to help Cons: can only play 2-3 days for 5-6 hours Thank You Please Reply
  3. IGN: eduardo272727 Skype: eduardocisneros2727 I think its that but to login I use [email protected] Age: 14
  4. it was the 64-bit java I was using 1 32-bit I thought I had a 64-bit thx and the server thing is fixxed you can lock this topic if you want now
  5. ok btw ihave another problem when I try to connect to a server it tells me the following microblock are not installed on this client tile.blocks #SolveOneProblemRunIntoAnother
  6. welp I have a 4 GB ram bar 2GB on each so it wont let me go past 1GB time to upgrade to 8GB
  7. one server I was on was using essentials and it was working just fine
  8. cant take screen shots because on windows 8 and the log doesn't say it *EDIT* so I found the log and copied all the words in it but when I try to paste it(yes I used that clipboard at the corner) it doesn't show up in here
  9. ok so first of all I didn't know were to put this so I put it here ok so I need HELP each time I run the "Attack Of The B-Team"(I only play that one so I haven't tried the other ones) and try to load my world it tells me I don't have a lot of data and it only has enough to take me back to the menu or quit the game so I need to know if I can add more memory to the game or do I just un-install the thing and suffer not being able to play this cool mod-pack please reply
  10. wait I don't get you what do you mean by "outline on how to get some admin tools"? btw im good at plugins and other stuff if you ever need help
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