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  1. experiencing some technical problems with the server setup. should be up soon! i understand if you peruse other servers!
  2. accepted! server is almost ready. will pm you and the others when the ip is ready!
  3. you are both accepted! i wil pm you the ip when the server is ready! cant wait to have you!
  4. Accepted! Cant wait to have yous aboard! setting the world up now ill pm you both with the ip when ready
  5. Back story: So recently me and a friend wanted to play attack of the bteam on a server. But when my friend started up the modpack it would load to the "MOJANG" splash screen then, it would just go right back to the technic launcher like everything was all dandy and fine. My favorite color is red. well, NO! we did not stand for it. we eventually found out that the cause of the crash was from his video card no longer supporting OpenGL 2.0 for the "Necromancy Mod". and upon removing that mod, the modpack then started back up just fine. As A Result: I decided, ( even though i cannot afford it ), i would rent a small(2048MB), 24/7 DEDICATED server. With me and my friend already part of the server that i consider can have 15 slots to run smoothly, We decided, why not let other join in on this that have the same problem and have resorted to playing alone without the "Necromancy mod" Hazaa! WhamCraft is Born! Regular attack of the Bteam. NO NECROMANCY! so anyone that wants to join we have 9 OPEN SLOTS Fill out this app below and ill be happy to review your interest in our server(: Also seeing as i cannot afford this server as i am paying for it out of my own small pocket. anyone that donates to keep the server running will receive special Perks
  6. im letting my cousin use my account on here to apply for the server so the following is his answers to the app Minecraft name: Callmedaddy88 What country do you live in: united states Do you have Skype?: yes, tommymucci Do you upload to Youtube?: no Age: 20 Acceptance of server rules?: Accepted.
  7. Minecraft name: tomullman18 What country do you live in: usa Do you have Skype? yes, heyitstom18 Do you upload to Youtube? used to Age: 20 Acceptance of server rules: Accepted
  8. i agree. i think this would be a great mod to replace the ships mod that is currently in the pack.
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