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  1. It is an idea to post a link that works let alone not putting anything else on the page.
  2. FIxed, I removed a bunch of mods and left some in, the result was a perfectly working modpack. Not quite sure what mod was causing it though, but I have a rough idea. Thanks for your help anyway @plowmanplow, I know you work hard to help people like this.
  3. Sorry, thought I was missing something. EDITED.
  4. Hello, I have a very big problem. I have created a modpack, it worked at first with about 40 mods, then I changed the name. Now after this, no-matter what I do (reset, taking mods in and out etc.) it justs launches the modpack when I click launch, then it closes and returns straight back to the technic launcher. Any help please, this is so annoying.
  5. BIBLIOCRAFT! THANK YOU! I really wanted those bookshelves! Also GennyB will be happy with that galactia craft oxygen glass update thing!
  6. I also agree with all of you above, though, there isn't a mod in the world without some bug or problem. Now, compare Archimedes Ships and Metaworlds, AC gets stuck and is typically a miniature version of metaworlds, where as metaworlds has more bugs but much more features and content. Maybe it will be put in (Awesome name upcoming) : Return of the B-Team? Edit: AC just crashed my game!!!
  7. I agree, this is such a good mod! It has features such as realistic spinning airships and epic moving ship battles, I would only agree to adding it to the pack though if it didn't cause any corruption.
  8. They probably will update soon! You say you really enjoy the mod, would you say it's better than mods like witchery and carpenter's blocks? Just a general question.
  9. Oh, I had this with FTB. Try allocating more RAM to AotBT by using the gear button in the top right of the application. If not, your pc might not be able to handle it, but I doubt that. The problem seems to be that your application can't handle that amount of pressure, it could be worth a shot using Java Arguments if possible. I'm not tech expert, but I'd like to help more.
  10. xD. these are soo good and very, very detailed. Likes for both of you!
  11. I think he can't even view them.
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