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  1. im an older player who likes to play minecraft in my free time, i am looking for a good group of older people to join up and enjoy playing/building some strange stuff and just generally have fun. i also tinker with graphical works in photoshop and 3ds max. as i am a freelancer in my works. please let me know if you are interested =)
  2. some cleaver ways of making this have been seen but still, this metal is just way too hard to obtain... i dont think it should be easy but leaving it to the pulveriser as an only means to obtaining it is just too much... i would like to see a way of gaining a little bit more if possible. maybe a mod redirected for only gaining this mat if needed would be better then none... any thoughts here ?
  3. the steam turbine dose not seem to work any more
  4. well just that, is there salt, there is suppose to be salt as far as i can tell, it says in more foods mod that there is an ore called salt, if its on false, then if i turn it on true will it bug something out? just wondering
  5. no, not one in particular mod but AOTKBT as a whole, the mods they put together just fit so nicely and i admire the hard work and devotion the team put in and is still putting in to address up coming problems... its admirable.
  6. i dont know if this is possible but i checked up on the mod itself and it says this mod has been updated. the version that is in ATOKBT is currently version 1.0, if this can be updated, i would like to see it added in the next update to this mod. i am highly enjoying this mod and have never had this much fun playing minecraft ever! if the newer versions of this mod conflicts, then its no big deal really, though i would like to use the fern seeds i get. =)
  7. i put togeather a smeltery and did everything needed but when i click on the faucet, to dose nothing... anyone other then me have this problem ?
  8. hey guys, i just started up the tinkers mod and to my dismay, it dose not work =( anyone else find that this dose not work for them either? ofcourse this is in response to attack of the killer B team just found the issue after searching > for others you have to use raw mats and stone, cobblestone dose not work<
  9. im having a hard time trying to find new listings for this month and after giving it some thought, i figured there should be a place to list the servers and state the day the servers are initially started up. if there exist such a thing, then it is hard to finding under google. what do you guys think, should there be a listing for new servers to the day if not the month and year they start? would you like to join a server's that starts new? and is it a good idea to list them as such?
  10. well just that, i have been away from tehnic for a bit and minecraft in general but now im returning back only to find the best mod taken out imop, what happened to it and why is it gone ? is there some conflict with the newer mods ? just wanted to know..
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