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  1. sorry but i need help i cant fined the ban apeal section



    1. Munaus


      there is none. Contacting a former admin will do you no good. Canvox left us to work on Twitch.

      This is also the second time I'm telling this. Try scrolling down next time

  2. hi just wondering this ive bin whanting to do this for a while I don't have internet and when I whant to play technic it whont let me unless I do how do I make it so I can play technic without the use of internet


    1. Munaus


      CanVox left us for Twitch, so he wont reply to you anytime soon.

  3. Where do i create a mod pack?

    1. Munaus


      not by posting on an admin's profile.

      look here https://technicpack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

  4. I saw that you answered a question similar to this before, when I try to log into technic it tells me that there was an error whilst attempting to reach the authserver.mojang.com. I have re-installed the latest version of Java using the link you used to answer this problem before and I've re-installed Technic a few times. I have the .technic folder and everything. Technic has worked for me in the past and I only downloaded it on the 9th of April. It has had problems since the 10th/11th. I have an i5 windows laptop. Please help.

  5. Hi I'm playing on a private server with my friends. On day I teleproted through the ground with my ninja dagger, then my hexxit crashed and everytime I want to join the server, my hexxit crashes :C. What should I do?

  6. You don't even have to uninstall all versions of java. On both windows and mac we autodetect installed 64 bit versions and offer to use them instead when you launch the game. Just follow the dang instructions right there on the screenshot you posted!
  7. There's also a pair in the floating city, but you still need a third one.
  8. The spawn rates are the same for all types for all biomes. I think I read somewhere that the spawn rates can be affected slightly by nearby nodes (???) that might be wrong and/or out of date. In any case, I tend to look in the taiga for order shards because order nodes spawn there, and it works ok for me, even if it's just confirmation bias.
  9. That file is very large and due to the way the launcher measures progress it appears to be making zero progress while it's being downloaded. We're working on delivering file size info to the launcher so that we can provide more accurate information, but in the meantime, just be patient during download.
  10. I got my dragon flight ring last night, it involved me burning 24 gold boots. Meaning 96 gold ingots. It was tough, but it worked!
  11. So, if you've never used AE2 before, the way it normally works is you build a thing that'll point you to the chunk that a skystone meteor is in, and then get the presses from a special chest in the meteor. You normally need like 4 or 5 meteors to get all the presses you want. These meteors are also usually underground, it's a huge pain in the butt. The way it works in blightfall is that you trade a stack of skystone for the presses. This comes from the meteors. There's a few meteors, and they're all on the surface, with no chest. They're pretty visible, usually in a shallow crater. They can sometimes be hard to spot under the fibrous taint, though. One of them was even on fire when I was around making it super-visible. Although I think that fire goes out after a bit of the chunks being loaded. if you need more hints, let us know.
  12. If you want to stop needing food, there's an item in botania that can do that. If you want to need less food & get a break on the diminishing returns, trading rep for food works pretty well: the emergency nutrition bars you get from the food request in the supplier don't have diminishing returns. If you're just done with this, there's a cheat area on the top floor of the jaded. It's vaguely visible without breaking blocks, but you have to break blocks to get to it. You'll also need op privileges to use the cheat.
  13. The mining & resources book also has this information. Any metal that has "Mines As" can be used for tools, and can be used to mine the level of blocks indicated. Not shown in that book are alloys. You'll have to check NEI for more info about that. Here's some example minerals, but this is by no means exhaustive! Hard Non-Metals: Flint, Netherrack, Pink Slime, Ghostwood Soft Metals: Copper, Prometheum, Certus Quartz, Darkwood, Deep Iron Hard Metals: Bronze, Oureclase, Nether Quartz, Silver, Fusewood, Black Steel Diamond: Iron, Steel, Nickel, Invar, Bloodwood, Manasteel, Enderium Supra-Diamond: Platinum, Astral Silver, Ardite, Vyroxeres, Ceruclase Alien: Carmot, Mithril, Eximite, Cobalt, Kalendrite Extreme: Vulcanite, Orichalcum, Manyullyn, Celenegil, Dark Steel, Pokefennium Epic: Adamantine, Sanguinite, Atlarus, Tartarite, Desichalcos Also keep in mind that the excavation focus has no limitation on what blocks it can mine.
  14. allow-nether is in the server.properties file, as I said. But it's not a problem in SSP. To have access to the portal there are a few prerequisites you have to meet. One of them is being crazy enough, I believe. The other is reading the crimson rites book. There are others, I think. Regardless, though, you don't meet them.
  15. Not sure. The only ways I know of to get ahold of wither skeletons are: Wither infusion ritual Gaia guardian comes with a few, so safari net one & use a spawner Two wither skulls are in the floating city
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