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  1. sorry but i need help i cant fined the ban apeal section



    1. Munaus


      there is none. Contacting a former admin will do you no good. Canvox left us to work on Twitch.

      This is also the second time I'm telling this. Try scrolling down next time

  2. hi just wondering this ive bin whanting to do this for a while I don't have internet and when I whant to play technic it whont let me unless I do how do I make it so I can play technic without the use of internet


    1. Munaus


      CanVox left us for Twitch, so he wont reply to you anytime soon.

  3. Where do i create a mod pack?

    1. Munaus


      not by posting on an admin's profile.

      look here

  4. I saw that you answered a question similar to this before, when I try to log into technic it tells me that there was an error whilst attempting to reach the I have re-installed the latest version of Java using the link you used to answer this problem before and I've re-installed Technic a few times. I have the .technic folder and everything. Technic has worked for me in the past and I only downloaded it on the 9th of April. It has had problems since the 10th/11th. I have an i5 windows laptop. Please help.

  5. Hi I'm playing on a private server with my friends. On day I teleproted through the ground with my ninja dagger, then my hexxit crashed and everytime I want to join the server, my hexxit crashes :C. What should I do?

  6. CanVox

    New here? Welcome to planet Tekkit!

    We're sorry to see you leave.  The update was supposed to be a minor thing but it's been nothing but trouble.  Unfortunately, moving back to xenforo requires someone to make an IPB4 -> xenforo converter, so we're stuck here until that happens.  We've ended up renewing our IPB subscription just so we can make the situation as comfortable as possible while we wait for the opportunity to leave.  We hope you'll keep an eye on us and come back when things improve.
  7. CanVox

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    ​Yeah and some server threads, it's kind of a shitstorm.  The good news is that the servers are now finally migrated so things should be ok probably from here on out maybe.
  8. CanVox

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    Hi, it looks like it's not coming back.  The forums were jacked for a few days because some conversion tasks were breaking.  We finally put up a new version of IPS where it'd been fixed, but it apparently fixed that by just wiping any thread it had a problem with, which seems to have been primarily long threads.  So KJ is gone and it's not coming back, sorry.
  9. CanVox

    Let's Test B-Team 1.0.13c!

    That sounds real bad, if someone is getting a thing like that, try to see if something weird is showing up in the console on install okay? The launcher should at least be screaming at you when something like that occurs.
  10. CanVox

    Let's Test B-Team 1.0.13c!

    The atomic science file has been there since 1.0.0, I think one of the other mods generates it for Calclavia reasons. As for the cocoa butter, when I place a bonemeal into a crafting grid in survival mode, in 1.0.13c, I receive a needle but no cocoa butter. If that's not the case for you, please make sure you're on 13c and not 13b, reset your pack, and if it persists, provide me some data so we can figure out why you're different.
  11. CanVox

    Let's Test B-Team 1.0.13c!

    Well I guess I could remove its private status if you guys REALLY want to play it. My bad, it's now latest.
  12. Hey, everyone, Attack of the B-Team 1.0.13c is now promoted to latest! If you're interested in helping test, back up your worlds (SSP or server) and set your launcher up to use the "Latest" build, or manually select version 1.0.13c. Play with us and report issues in this thread! The 1.0.13c server can be downloaded here: Changelog for Attack of the B-Team 1.0.13c; this is a list of all changes since 1.0.12a: - Carpenter's Blocks can no longer be used in Archimedes Ships designs. - Witchery has been updated from version 0.19.2 to 0.20.5. - (Since 13b) Fixed several Food Plus ID's. Cocoa butter should no longer result from random recipes. - Sugarcane now produces Sugar Charcoal when cooked. - Sugar now cooks into Caramel instead of Sugar Charcoal. - A number of blocks can now correctly be cut into microblocks. - All Chisel blocks now correctly display their variants. - Chisel blocks with connected textures will no longer display error textures when cut into Microblocks. - Map Writer has been updated from version 2.0.16 to 2.0.17. - Food Plus has been updated from version 2.8pre4 to 3.0rS. - Carpenter's Blocks has been updated from version 2.1.0 to 3.2.6. - Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod has been udpated from version 3.3.3 to 3.3.4. - Sync has been updated from version 2.2.2 to 2.2.3. - Morph has been updated from version 0.7.1 to 0.7.2.
  13. I totally agree I think that updating this pack would be great like for example updating all the current modpacks, adding open blocks and random things just stuff like that would make this modpack a little newer and fresher and I think that an update would bring more people to play on this modpack and get big dig more reconintion of how good of a modpack it is.(PEOPLE THAT OWN BIG DIG PLZ DONT RESPON WITH SMART ASS ANSWER'S LIKE ON MY POST ON UPDATING PLZ UPDATING THIS PACK WOULD BE AMAZA...

  14. CanVox

    Tekkit (fan?) Art

    I didn't even know about this topic before now.
  15. Hi, please install the Mavericks update for OSX. That should fix your issue. You should be able to upgrade to Java 7 now, and I'd recommend it- when java 8 releases, we will stop supporting java 6.