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  1. I autospawn\grinder squids to get ink. Anyone know of a good source of Auram Essentia. Using Astral Silver atm, but it seems pretty finite.
  2. I know. Would be nice if they could be crafted similar to the diamond sword.
  3. Derp....Forgot about that magnum torch. Only vanilla tool I've found with a recipe is diamond sword. Seen several recipes that require vanilla tools to make.
  4. We found a division sigil while playing and it's about used up. I remember wither's dropping them in other packs. Is that the same on Blightfall? If so, what is the drop rate? Any other way to get one. Also is there a reason Cursed Earth isn't spawning any mobs? Any plans to make some of the vanilla tools craftable? Really annoying to have to request them from the quest book. All-in-all, this is probably the best modpack I've ever played. Keep up the great work guys.
  5. Just download the jar/zip and place it in the /mods folder on server and each client that wants to connect http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/64578-ender-io/files
  6. Is the modpack in your public folder in dropbox?
  7. Have you tried using a different version of Java? Might be a conflict with one of the mods and your current version of java.
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    2. dwwojcik


      If you aren't going to get it yet you may as well wait to see how AMD's 300 series turns out.

    3. disconsented


      ^ When it happens one of 2 things should happen: Drive prices down or cause the 980ti to appear

    4. ThePagan


      hopefully a 980ti with 6-8gb appears

  8. I've been using these crappy WalMart laptops for a while now. Finally decided to build a legit gaming rig. Anyone see any problems with it. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kQY9FT
  9. Might have better luck offering like $50 for a stable release and then $5 for each upgrade to the pack.
  10. I believe they will be banning by a user number, not the chosen name. And you can prob still do IP ban.
  11. You can delete the jar from the server. It still shows in NEI because it's on your client. The errors you got shouldn't prevent the server from starting. Changing the item ID would have to be done on the server configs and the client or you'll get an ID mismatch when trying to join server. Although I do believe some mods are programmed where you can change the ID to 0 to disable it. Not sure if EE3 is one of those.
  12. Would it be possible to add in a system that unlocked more slots if a modpack got X amount of votes? Sure this could be abused, but people can currently abuse system by making multiple accounts.
  13. I have a pack I'm working on. A pack for my daughter. and a test pack. I think 5 would be a better limit. Would be interested in purchasing modpack hosting with TechnicSolder if that ever becomes an option.
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