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  1. True, however in this case I want to use trains / carts specifically. For cool points. And my kids love it. So .... Faster carts ?
  2. Hi, I laid rail tracks going from my base to my friend's. I then assembled a steves cart - standard hull, seat, standard coal engine, brake handle. The problem is that the cart is too slow to be useful as a passenger train. I tried using powered rails and it does speed it up but it loses momentum quickly. I can't afford to make everything powered. Any ideas how I can speed up the cart? More engines? Redstone in motion?
  3. I looked around the forums and checked the various EE files but can't quite figure out how to disable (a) items and (b )recipes. Can anyone point me to the right direction?
  4. Fantastic thanks Curunir. I'll look into disabling the stone. I want I disable it for balance reasons. I keep hearing that it allows mid-endgame mass production of rare items such as diamond etc. you mentioned some recipes are disabled in Tekkit. Perhaps EE3 has been 'balanced' in Tekkit?
  5. Hi, I run a private server with Tekkit 129e standard. We've been playing for a week now and are now considering disabling EE3 completely, without affecting the world that is already running. I tried deleting the jar from the mods folder but I get some server severe errors and EE3 items still show up in NEI. Restarted the server and it plays ok. Pretty sure none of us have used EE3 although one of the players may have found a divining rod. I have since restored EE3 jar and restarted the world. Looks ok. Can anyone help? Should I just ignore the server errors and move on? Or will I be corrupting the world?