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  1. Well then its not Technic's Problem, Either your Graphics Card has some Goofs in it or Something else, I'm mainly thinking its your Graphics Card Or Monitor Resolution... But if you think it isn't find something around Google, Don't blame it on Technic. Its your Computer, If you haven't installed anything, Ask Support at the Company That made it, If you want to Contact me on Skype, my name is XeX Depleted, I'll help you fix it there
  2. Doesn't have RedPower2 Since it is Outdated But still IC2! Wasteland Warfare Is your Best Choice Buddy xD! Wasteland Warfare is 1.6.4 MC With 132 Mods! Not lots of Lag! Custom Menus! Custom Everything! You want war? You got it! XD Come play on My ModPack today! We also have a Built in Official Server! Hosted By Deatrix Hosting and Made by DepleteGaming! Come play today bud! Get playing now before 100 Peepz start to join!! PAGE LINK: http://www.technicpa...-warfare.430615 MODS INSTALLED: MCHelicopter PartyMod-Beta-V1.2 VoxelMods MrCrayFishConstructionModV1.0 1.6.4 FoodEX Mod 1.6.4
  3. Try Regenerating the World a Few Times, Change the World type a Few Times also so it can tell itself to Generate those Ores, Btw Hi Joseph
  4. Your having problems with your Memory or Files itself, To fix the Memory, Press the Gear at the Top Right Corner, Then it should be set to Default, 512 MB, Change that as high as it can go, As for the File Problems, do %appdata% in the Application called "Run" Then find, .technic After that is found press Modpacks, Find Tekkitmain Tekkitmain = Tekkit Space (Main Tekkit) Tekkitlite = Tekkit Lite Modpack Tekkit = Tekkit Classic Modpack Then After inside of that Folder (tekkitmain) Press crtl+a and then Right click and Press Delete, After done, Go back Into your Technic Launcher,
  5. Hey man! I'll help! I'm very Experienced in helping Servers, As I own a Very Big Community! I'd Be glad to help your server out man! Contact me By Skype or by my Website! depletegaming.enjin.com Skype name is: XeX Depleted
  6. Hey, You! Thanks for reading my Fourm! I'm Owner of DepleteGaming! DepleteGaming (DG) Is a Almost Popular Community, We have Multiple Technic ModPack Servers! We do also own Many ModPacks, Our DEV Quit cause of his Recent Injury, But now DG Is Evolving into something Amazing... We do have Lots that Play on our Server Daily, Surviving the Nights, Living a Life, Having a Good Time! Now we are looking for Experienced Developers who can Build Modpacks, Read ForgeModLoader Errors, Fix ID Conflicts, Fix Major Server/Client Crashing Bugs, Fix Bugs In General, And Help us Expand! I'am Also
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