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  1. Hey guys Just thought i'd ask, is there any way to stop them annoying chunk lag issues (void chunks, chunks taking ages to load, lazy chunks) in tekkit main? Thanks in advance Joseph
  2. Should I just remove gregtech? It seems important as without it some IC2 items cannot be crafted...
  3. Right. Read pm. You are definitely someone we need.
  4. Hey, I recently updated forestmc (mod list can be found down in the custom modpack server section) but i'm having some issues. gregTech. It has taken a full 9 minutes and 42 seconds to load off of SATA III 550MB/s SSDs. I would hate to imagine how long it would take on Traditional Mechanical Drives. Please help.
  5. I'm the owner of ECNetworks page 1 tekkit Classic I know how to run a modpack server, I have a CUSTOM modpack I need help with getting popular.
  6. Hello people. This may seem short but, I'm in need of a server owner (who ofcourse owns (preferably not anymore)) a custom modpack server. I'll discuss the details on skype. reply to this topic and then ill PM you. Cheers chaps. Joseph
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