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  1. Maybe if you stop making new servers and treating the players like crap then maybe the nice ones would stay. Also keep the server up for more then 4 hours at a time then sure. Just saying.
  2. Age(13+): i am 24 name(optional): My friends just call me Loki Skype(must): joey.cooper2 Why you want to join: I'm looking for people to play with/talk to while i play the modapack. It gets boring by yourself What your minecraft skills are e.g. Building,Redstone: im still working on my skills so right now i dont have any amazing skills IGN(in game name): iamloki2 Active Time(at least 2+hours most days): im active 4+ hours almost everyday
  3. IGN iamloki2 Why you want to join I really enjoy this modpack but i'm getting bored playing alone Experience with AOTBT i've been playing for quite a while but i dont know everything about all the modpacks Skype joey.cooper2 Age i am 24 Country united states Anything you want us to know im a friendly player that doesnt grief
  4. I am 24, and looking to join in on this. My in game name is iamloki2
  5. Minecraft In-Game name? iamloki2Age? I am 24 years old.What country do you live in? I live in the U.S. I Arizona.Do you have/use Skype? I do have skype and I do use it.Do you have/use Teamspeak? I don't but I can easily get it if needed.Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube? Eh I've always wanted to but I don't have the equipment to do that, maybe one day but not right now.If so, Channel/Stream Name?Do you enjoy building or just playing? I enjoy building and just playing, my moods get switched around on that sometimes.Acceptance of server rules? Yes, I do accept all the rules.
  6. Name: Loki Age: 24 IGN: iamloki2 Why you want to join: I'm looking to join others in this amazing modpack. IT gets quite boring playing alone. Favorite Mod: So far Tinkers and Withery. I haven't done a whole lot in this modpack but so far those two are my favorite. Time Zone: I'm in arizona so whatever time zone that is lol Skype: I'd rather this stay private, so just message me if you would like it.
  7. I'm having trouble downloading this on the launcher. It just gets stuck while downloading and goes no where. It gets stuck on the part that says blightfall-saves-v2.1.0.zip. It doesn't go anywhere after that. Just stays at 0%
  8. Hmm having trouble downloading that one.
  9. Minecraft IGN iamloki2 -Age? 24 -Skype name? joey.cooper2 -Friendly? Yeah, I'm a friendly player looking to join others.
  10. I am looking for a great magic based mod pack, I've looked around and haven't really been able to find much so here I am asking for your help! Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated!
  11. IGN: iamloki2 Age (14 or above is fine): I am 23 Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): I love playing this modpack but it gets so boring playing alone. I've been looking for a small or so server with good people to play with and talk to. It's a lot more fun with other people playing also. Will you follow rules: Of course.
  12. I just recently downloaded Hack/Mine and all it down is pop up for a split second then go back to the Technic launcher. Anything to fix this?
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