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  1. ​Hello Everybody I have recently opened an Attack of the B-Team server. The server is basically made for a small community and for players that like to make friends and survive. (Note: I may add photos later) Ign: Blackopppp Server Rules: 1. No Grief 2. No Pvp 3. Keep swearing to a minimum 4. Be friendly If you wish to join the server please message me on the technicpack forums using this format: ---------------------------------------------- IGN: Age (14 or above is fine): Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): Will you follow rules: ---------------------
  2. For the past few months I cannot play Tekkit classic, when I load it up I get flashing textures . The mod pack never loads. I am using Java 7 Version 1.7.0_76 Thanks Screen shot: http://postimg.org/image/u488zxjsv/ Here is the bottom part of the console [b#283] Overriding /net/minecraft/src/buildcraft/core/gui/block_textures.png @ 157 With /net/minecraft/src/buildcraft/additionalpipes/gui/RSP.png. 48 left. [b#283] TextureFX registered: ModTextureStatic /terrain.png @ 158, texId: 66, index: 158 [b#283] Overriding /net/minecraft/src/buildcraft/core/gui/block_textur
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