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  1. IGN - gopuri Real Name - John Skype(Op) - gopuri Age (We accept all ages)- 23 What Mods are you best at? (For your shop) - Witchery, TC, TE, and alot more in this pack. Although i do not know what i would do for a shop if i even made one. Tell me about yourself - Technical, efficient, and obsessive. I like to do everything min/max style. Timezone - central Maturity Level 1-10 and why (Just to see if your Sane or not lol) - Well its a 1 or 2 when i first wake up But other than that 7-10, depends on how funny i feel like being. Anything Else to add(Op) - Also in the rules it seems like greifing and such is Not allowed unless approved. If this is not the case feel free to Ignore this App. I very much do not like my work destroyed for nothing
  2. Your age: 23 Country: USA Reason we should pick you: Because every server needs that guy to clear the rain ^_^.... But also cause I'm a mature and fairly knowledgeable player. The way you like to play: Im very technical in my play. I like to min/max and play very efficiently. I'm the guy that know the spawn rates of everything and will squeeze every bit of resources out of everything i do. Favourite mods: Witchery, Thermal Expansion. Although i am well versed in alot of mods.
  3. IGN? gopuri Why do you want to join our server? Just looking for a server to play on, Been wanting to get back into mc a bit and this is the first thing to pop up that interested me Tell us a little about yourself. Im pretty sure you'll find some info on me via the witch wanted posters... How long have you been playing Modded Minecraft? Been playing mc since alpha What's your goals in our Server or The Chroma pack? To have fun. Simple and sweet
  4. Real Name (Op) : John IGN : gopuri Skype/Email/Way to contact you : gopuri / [email protected] Maturity Level [1-10 and why] : 8-10, depends on how much fun im having Why do you want to join : Just looking for a fresh aotbt server What Mod(s) are you best at on ATotBT : Im well versed in a majority of the mods, however my favorite is witchery Timezone : Central Anything Else to Add (Op) : Nothing as of now
  5. IGN: gopuri Age: 23 Something about yourself: Biggest Baddest Witch this side of the Ominous Woods But Seriously, just looking for a server that has some friendly pvp, without risk of raiding. And this seems to fit the bill.
  6. IGN (Minecraft name) - gopuri Age - 23 Why do you want to join this server? - I've recently started playing minecraft again after a break and This server seemed like a good place to pick back up again How often would you play? - Assuming the community is good, Every day. Do you use Teamspeak? - Sometimes, If im in the mood to chat i'll be on, but sometimes i may want to zen and build. Any other info you feel is necessary - I will own all the Gravestones
  7. Ign: gopuri skype: gopuri (impossible to guess.. i know... ) age: 22 When you say no pvp w/o consent, I do enjoy the occasional love tap fun No killing or major dmg of course but having fun with the community is part of what i play for. So i hope that would be ok. If not I'll kindly take my leave.
  8. IGN: gopuri Age: 22 Youtube: TheGentleRaven What you are good at: Redstone Why should I pick you/why do you want to join: Just looking for a AOTBT server to play on that has PVP but no raiding/griefing. It's not an incredibly fun pack by yourself. Time Zone: EST (-6) Skype: gopuri
  9. IGN: gopuri Age: 22 What do you like to do: I enjoy minor roleplay and i have been really enthralled with the witchery mod What do you dislike: When you reach that last potato chip in the bottom of the bag... What do you like to do in real life: Aside from sitting in my computer chair.. I enjoy a bit of origami now and then and some archery. Time zone, nearest city if you don't know: EST (-6) Disclaimer: I do like to have fun on servers i play on.. I don't grief or steal but i do enjoy messing around with people in a friendly way ( a love tap witha voodoo poppet now and again) If this isn't something you want on your server then let me know now. Hope to play with you all soon.
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