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  1. BRAND NEW SERVER! We are looking for fun, active, friendly, awsome, cool, Trustworthy people to join this new, whitelisted, 10 slot server! This is an all out vannila Attack of the B-Team Server with no plugins to keep it as LAG FREE as possible! We have NO-BANNED ITEMS and accept all ages to come and hang out in the fun of Mods! We have very little rules that are most appropriate. NO STEALING EVERY SINGLE THING UNLESS AT WAR ; NO GRIEFING UNLESS AT WAR ; NO TOTAL BASE DESTRUCTION ; NO RANDOMLY KILLING PEOPLE UNLESS GOOD REASON OR AT WAR! These are the only rules, and dont try to "Barley" break them or try and get around them. Understand we have feelings too! We have to have our own shops as well! You can make them in your base or somewhere else. That is all I really have to say and hope to see you in the server. Fill out this simple application so we can know if you are a good fit! Application IGN - Real Name - Skype(Op) - Age (We accept all ages)- What Mods are you best at? (For your shop) - Tell me about yourself - Timezone - Maturity Level 1-10 and why (Just to see if your Sane or not lol) - Anything Else to add(Op) - My IGN Is Shadowtale and hope to see you In Game! EDIT - 2 SPOTS LEFT
  2. ABANDONED NEW THREAD MADE SERVER WASNT WORKING SO I COULDNT ACCEPT APPS SORRY APPLY FOR THE NEW SERVER THAT IS FIXED IN MY OTHER THREAD! SAME RULES CHECK IT OUT! Whitelisted Server that is completly vannila Attack of the B-Team looking for people to play with! No mods are removed and Nether is allowed!!! We are looking for fun and cool people to play with in this whitelisted server for a good time. You can be any age and if you are atleast more mature then a 4 year old, then your in! The rules are super simple : No griefing unless at war ; No Spawnkilling unless a good reason ; No Total Base Destruction. Please be aware that other people have feelings too when you are thinking of finding ways to slip past the rules. I will have an application down below for you to fill out to see if you are fit for the server. I will contact you if you make it in the server to give the IP. I try to keep the server on as long as possible. Stay cool and hope to see you online!!! Application Real Name (Op) : IGN : Skype/Email/Way to contact you : Maturity Level [1-10 and why] : Why do you want to join : What Mod(s) are you best at on ATotBT : Timezone : Anything Else to Add (Op) :
  3. Brand new server looking for people to join us for fun! This is a vanilla Attack of the B-Team server whitelested for those who want to join! We dont have many rules at all, the only ones are : No Griefing unless at war, No stealing items unless at war, No Stealing peoples Specializations. We will be making a big city that you can have your shops in and live in if you would like to! If you would like to join, please fill out this application to see if you are good to fit in! Please be active and hope to see you on the server!!! Real Name: IGN: Skype/Email/Anyway to contact you: Age (Optional, if you can, please do): Maturity Level (1-10 and why): Why do you want to join: Tell me about you: Time Zone: How active are you: Ect/P.S./Info: Thank you and hope you make it! (My IGN is Shadowtale103 and my name is Reed)
  4. Please consider adding me to your Attack of the B-Team server info in the comments.

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