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  1. shadow, I'd like to know if you're just busy and can't reply to the topic, or if you think you've hit the limit for the server, and won't add any more people. Either way, please inform us, rather than leaving is in the dust. ~Fl
  2. Application IGN - PrayOhLord Real Name - Aiden Skype(Op) - Search Aiden Todd Peachtree (made up name) Age (We accept all ages)- roughly 14 years What Mods are you best at? (For your shop) - tinkers construct, perhaps? Not quite sure yet, haven't played in a while. Tell me about yourself - Mature, kind, forgiving, and lag-patient, which is the best trait to have with AoBT servers. Timezone - Eastern Maturity Level 1-10 and why (Just to see if your Sane or not lol) - I don't want to be too full of myself, so I'd put myself at an 8. Anything Else to add(Op) - I have been on many other AoBT serve
  3. By the way, sorry for the constant spam of the posts, everyone! I was lagging insanely and decided to spam the button. My bad.
  4. Hello everyone, as you may see from my profile, this is the first post I am making (on this account, that is.) From the title, I would assume you would know that I am searching for an attack of the b-team server that is recruiting. I have been on multiple private AoBT servers in the past, all of which have closed down due to financial problems. If anyone that did not just skim through this post knows of a server, I would be very thankful to be given the link to the post or, better yet, be given the IP and be whitelisted immediately, which never happens. I thank the few that have read this post
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