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  1. Thanks for applying guys! I added most of you who sounded credible. I'll message the IP's and whitelist you soon.
  2. Thanks for applying, added! Check your messages for the IP.
  3. Hey guys, I started my Attack of the B Team server the other day and am looking for people to play on it. No banned mods, please use them respectively and don't make huge laggy creations. Some basic rules; -No griefing, raiding, stealing... pretty self-explanatory -Respect others -Friendly PVP is tolerated, this is not an all out war server -No cheating -Don't spam or advertise other servers -Stay a good distance from other bases and stuff, people like their space -Have fun! Remember it's only a game! Application: IGN: Age: What do you like to do: What do you dislike: What do you like to do in real life: Time zone, nearest city if you don't know: I'll message you the IP and white-list you if your accepted
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