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  1. After being online for over 3 months now we find ourselves with 4 active players. we would love to add 2 or 3 more players to our numbers, The only demands we have for our players are: - We are looking for european players, or players that reside close to a GMT +1 timezone - You are a mature player in both age and manners, concrete this means you are older then 18 - you play regurly, we dont have a demand for hours but we would love to see you around often the ip is: feel free to ask questions! below you can put your application. put in ingame name, your age, your country of residence and the reason why we should add you to the server List what you are planning to do aswell looking forward to seeing your applications! surv1vell
  2. Unfortunatly we are all filled up for the moment being hello there! Warning! this post requires you to read before you apply! Warning! we are Paradise, a new mature server that aims to give the older players a place with likeminded people We started this out of our frustration with the level of immaturity with the avarage server. we hope to creat a good place for mature players to play for years to come So are you: - 21 years and older - sick of all the caps talks and immature pranking (where not against pranking) and young peopl - willing to pitch in in the future to maintain the server (is optional but it wont pay for itself) - friendly and willing to build a wonderfull place with a group of great players - play regurly, where not putting a time on this but be sure to be around regurly - looking for a place to stay for a long time to come then this might just be your new Paradise! Server ip is: paradise.serverbuilds.com You can be let in if you submit the following application: Ingame: Age: Reason why you want to join: Experience with MC and AotBT: what are you planning on doing please give your application a good effort and not just put in 1 short sentence we only have a small server at our disposal for now so we can only let in 5 lucky people looking forward to your application! Surv1vell
  3. APPLICATION: IGN: surv1vell AGE: 26 WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: just want to finally find a mature server, thats actually mature;) love small comunities makes it so much more fun. SKYPE: yes, give in pm WHAT WOULD YOU ENJOY DOING ON THE SERVER: building, starting with a small farm and working from there. im crazy about microblocks, chisel en carpentersblocks
  4. Ingame name: surv1vell How long you have played mc/b-team: about a year, with a litle break How often you play mc/b-team: pretty much every day some hours Age: 26 Other information: im a builder by nature, love helping out and doing everything i can with microblocks have descend knowledge on almost all the mods so i can help out on nearly everything (except witchcraft and necro)
  5. IGN - surv1vell Age - 26 Favorite Mod in B Team - microblocks & carpentersblocks What do you like to do in Servers? - build somewhat like a town. think ill start of by a farm and work from that. Why do you want to join my server? - i love small comunities where all people know eachother and are friendly and help out Skype? (no need to list your skype here, ill pm you) - yes Favorite Color - depends on what i use it for;)
  6. hey all first and formost, finally a group with the same experiance! ove played on far to much servers with far to litle experience. More server breaks then i can count. annyway here is my application IGN: surv1vell First Name: Mark (but ill react to surv aswell ) Skype: dont have one, but when accepted i will creat that. wouldn't want to put it here aswell if had one on privacy reasons. Age: 26 Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: i just love to build, i would do some machinery. i think my first priority would be to build a farm with some sheds, land and nice cheesy house. further i would love to help out where i can. from doing group builds on a spawn area or just terra form with the microblocks. ohh yea you need to know that i kind of go overbord with the microblocks, but it makes a great result in the end;) further im just a friendly guy who likes a good friendly mature group of players and can do a lot. When i got my item system set up i also am somewhat of a collecter of all stuf, so i always have to much of most things lying around and got plenty to share with the rest. if you want to know more just ask and you shall be answered. further i must say i love the idea of the "shared" respounsibilities of the server and im certainly willing to support the project if its as great as you paint the picture;) I have loads of experience on server playing aswell as playing aotBT so im no newb;) thx for reading and sorry i couldn't make it as long as your post;)
  7. Ign: surv1vell Age:26 location: Netherlands modpack experience: 8, tried most mods a good bit. building skills: 9 why you: im a well experienced, mature, player that loves to build. Microblocks kind of work addicting on me;) have loads of building ideas that i see through. no half work here. also love to help out on comunity builds where i can. I play most days some hours and am there to stay. i had a server for quit some time and runned good. We hit some problems and unfortunatly lost most members there. So im looking for a place to leave me building skills go wild. thinking of doing a zoo or something like that after i got set up. hope you get a good idea from this. my girlfriend would love to join in aswell her application: Ign:kimmielief Age:27 location: Netherlands modpack experience: 5 (but shes got my help;)) building skills:9 why you: she loves to play in a good invirement of mature and friendly players. loves to build and try to make beautifull small houses is a friendly player that can contribute whereever shes able
  8. i have message you both with some questions, still spots available!!
  9. and another warm welcome, welcome aboard. or even better: welkom op de server;) thats it where filled for now, soon we probally have new spots
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