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  1. Thanks everyone i'm going to review all the applications now and sort out a few bugs in the server, so give me a day and I will pm the ip address to those that were accepted.. Just a reminder we have had more replies to this post than there are spots on the server so not everyone will be accepted, But we may upgrade the server at a later date to add more.. Thanks again.....
  2. Hi all. our new community is after some mature minded people. if you think that sounds like you fill out the application below .. The server is based in Australia and hosted by STIPE Server Hosting, its a 24/7 server with no lag and no banned items. This will be a small community of around 10, We may add more if needed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ As all servers go we have rules as well, They are quite simple *NO Greifing. (this will NOT be tolerated) *NO Stealing. (if you need something ask and someone might help) * NO PVP. (unless both parties agree) *Don't go over board with the pranks and know your boundaries. *NO Spam chat. *DON'T Cheat or Hack.(this will not be tolerated either) *Respect other players. And most importantly have fun... Now the boring bit, You need to fill this application in. and remember this is a small community that were going to have here, where everyone knows everyone. And we can help each other out where needed.. APPLICATION: IGN: AGE: WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: SKYPE: WHAT WOULD YOU ENJOY DOING ON THE SERVER: Now that the hard parts over it's just a mater of waiting for your applications to be reviewed, If your successful you will receive a message with the ip..
  3. IGN: ohnoitswoody First Name: Wayne Skype: I'll give it to u later.. Age: 28 Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: In all honesty I would just like to play the game without all the annoyance of griefing and constant spam chat Which servers consisting of large amount of people seem to have. I am really interested in getting into the Galacticraft side of things and just love everything AotBT have to offer...
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