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  1. I have a small attack of the b team server I would like some friendly people to join. To join all you have to do is tell me IGN: Age: Skype?: TS3:? mc15.fadehost.com:25735 Rules are simple. Dont Grief Dont Steal Dont harass people (this includes following someone, staying in their area, etc.) Dont argue with me Dont ask for permissions or staff Do not spam chat Do not make the world look like crap. Ill let you know if you have been whitelisted, thanks for reading.
  2. NYACRAFT Small 30 slot server looking for active and friendly people to join. No banned Items, but if items start causing severe server lag or crashes they will be banned. This is my own private server on a brand new world. Everything is fresh and new. I have not even logged into the world yet. If you wish to join please fill out the application and you will be accepted asap. For those that applied and were accepted to the past world, please just message me. The world had to be deleted and I have been working on fixing it which I now have. mc15.fadehost.com:25735 RULES No Griefing/Stealing No random PvP No Harassing other players Keep chat clean Use Common Sense Have Fun Application IGN: Age: Skype: Yes or No How often do you play?: Favorite Game: Favorite Anime: Other Games you Play:
  3. I've been fixing some permissions stuff and plugins. I will start sending pms telling people when they have been whitelisted.
  4. Nyahcraft Nyahcraft is a brand new Attack of the B Team server looking for friendly players. The server is currently 20 slots, but may increase if needed. The server is up 24/7 with no lag. It is a whitelist server and you will need to apply below to get whitelisted. People whitelisted are expected to follow the rules. If players do not follow the rules they will be banned and will have to talk to me if they want back on the server. IP: mc15.fadehost.com:25735 Rules: - No Griefing - No Stealing - No Random PvP (if you agree to fight that's fine, but don't randomly kill someone for no reason) - Do not ask for priveledges or gamemodes - No chat spam - Respect other players - No racism - No ugly/useless structures (ex: 1x1 towers) - No Cheating or Hacking - Have Fun The goal for this server is to have a small community that gets along and doesn't cause drama. Pranks and shinanagins are encouraged as long as they do not destroy or majorly inconvenience the victim. Application: IGN - Age - Favorite Mod in B Team - What do you like to do in Servers? - Why do you want to join my server? - Skype? (no need to list your skype here, ill pm you) - Favorite Color -
  5. 1.IGN: nyahron 2.Skype Name: ill tell you in game or in pms 3.Reason you would like to join my server: I want exactly what you described 4.Age:21
  6. IGN:nyahron age:21 language:english favourite modpack: Attack of the B Team/Tekkit Why do you want to join ?: I want a small server with close community
  7. Hi! I would like to join. Wanting a small server with regulars that dont just grief. Message me if i can join please!
  8. IGN: nyahron Age: 21 United States Looking for a nice server to play on. Something without griefing or random pvp but still has pvp enabled if anyone wanted to fight
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