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  1. I'm focusing on having a MindCrack like private server where everyone is friends we have no griefing But pranks are allowed, We do have multiple plug-ins installed like Essentials,ETC. If you would like to join the server leave the following below. 1.IGN: 2.Skype Name: If you don't have a Skype its not a big deal 3.Reason you would like to join my server 4.Age IP: jt-vanilla.g.akliz.net
  2. A whitelist server just me and some friends we need some company no griefing or will be banned no stealing and have fun To apply Username: Skype: Age: Timezone: Why you want to be on the server IP:
  3. Minecraft name:XxR3ALxX Where are you from?:U.S.A Why are you applying?:I want to be able to play on a server where chat isn't constantl spammed and a server where the people on are trustable and nice How well do you know the mods in this modpack?:I know all the mods in the pack very well How old are you?: (Under 18)/(18-28)(28+)I am 19 How often do you think you will be on the server?:a few hours everyday all week and weekend
  4. xMachoMancha is by far the best server host i've found on any Tekkit Survival/PVP server yet keep it up.
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