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  1. Apologies for the delay all, but we are back! Check the main post for server info!!
  2. Don't worry guys the server is not lost, I have been updating it and also changing my hosts. However no need to panic!
  3. Ok well the server is getting close to needing to be paid again.. If anyone would like to donate so it can keep going, just message me!
  4. Due to the modpack still being buggy and some griefing by SillyBlaster I am considering changing the map for the world, and perhaps to a different modpack since the population of the server seems to be dying. So if you wish to keep the server as the same modpack then reply with your ideas. I have failed to backup the map and the griefs are irreversible.
  5. I apologize however due to Adv. Gen causing server crashes I am removing it.
  6. Remain Calm Ladies and Gents, the server was undergoing maintenance, it should be up and running on 1.0.8 shortly. All of you who are still interested in joining PM me your MC name. (If you have already been added to the WL you are ok.) This is just so I know people want to be on here so I don't add a bunch of people who found other servers. Edit: The DragonMounts mod is staying and the sever is now up and running!
  7. Minecraft name:masivebob Minecraft IGN : supertiki500 Minecraft username:Superpig324 Minecraft name: firewolf36 Minecraft name:FireZebra66 Minecraft name: HaikodenTheNinja Minecraft name: OmegaRaizer Minecraft name: Sgtsqruille83 Minecraft name: JustinIzHeer (and also applying for my brother, whose IGN is Joshchwa) You've been added.
  8. Minecraft name: MiningKK Minecraft name: Sillyblaster Minecraft name: wackoman6789 IGN: theeraser24 Minecraft name: Fal1outDud3 Minecraft name:exdude122 Minecraft name: KillinGhost1 TheRedReaper07 Minecraft name: MomOnAcid Minecraft name:Arrow_Flash928 Minecraft name: Mrwranga Minecraft name: KrazyBrett You're all in! Welcome to the server.
  9. You guys are in Also for new info, I have tinkered and made it so plugins are now enabled and running, I am mostly adding them for some of their features i.e. /home and stuff. I will be adding a list to the main post of all plugins.
  10. Yep, I've already upgraded to 1.0.6 I'm waiting on some file tinkering to be done, but yeah. Plugins are nice but like you said since it is whitelisted it should be fine.
  11. You're all in. I will have the server up and running shortly! Sorry for the delay! I hope to see you all in game!
  12. Just for an Example! Minecraft name: Sorkaras Where are you from?: Oregon, USA Why are you applying?: I am making an example ;p How well do you know the mods in this modpack?: I am not super skilled though I do have some practice. How old are you?: I am 19. How often do you think you will be on the server?: Weekends: Evenings, Weekdays: Mornings/Afternoons~
  13. The Server is Live! Server IP: Server Rules: [1] No cheating/hacking [2] No advertising IPs/Websites [3] Use English in chat (No excessive cussing) [4] No spamming [5] No asking for OP/Free Stuff/Creative [6] Respect faculty members [7] Play with common sense [8] Absolutely NO Griefing Disabled Mods: - qCraft - SaintsPack (dubstep guns) Plugins: - Essentials Info: This is basically a small server for people to hang out and enjoy the mod peacefully. I do intend to upgrade the server periodically so that it is up to date and so that it runs better for my players. It is expected to be up 24/7 however STAFF will NOT be on 24/7 due to life. Currently there are no plugins though that is a future goal! Apply to Join today by using the following application! Minecraft name: Where are you from?: Why are you applying?: How well do you know the mods in this modpack?: How old are you?: (Under 18)/(18-28)(28+) How often do you think you will be on the server?:
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