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  1. Just recently encountered this crash-report each time I try and start my server: http://pastebin.com/WmwC56JS I'm running Tekkit Main 1.2.9g - any help appreciated, thanks. EDIT: Now solved- Removing the 'CoFHSocial-Friends.cfg' file fixed the issue.
  2. Sombrero Craft has many new updates to improve the player experience! Check our February changelog here: http://goo.gl/s8pcFC
  3. Many great things await Sombrero Craft for the year of 2016, and you should be apart of it! We have a tight-knit community that is comfortable, kind, and open minded (we listen to your feedback). If you haven't tried Tekkit Main yet, our door is always open!
  4. Sombrero Craft has relaunched into the atmosphere! Entirely new map, economy, and treasures to discover! Join now: tm.sombrerocraft.com
  5. Can I suggest the addition of the OpenBloks mod? There are a lot of fun features in it, and I would love to let my players use items such as radios to listen to live radio stations, use elevators, etc. And with the change in the minecraft eula, it may be smart to also add the Hats mod, along with Hat Stand.
  6. Can we please address the issue I posted here before this update becomes recommended? http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/issue-2180-radiation-atomic-science/
  7. All reviews have been updated and rewards have been given as of 5/18/14. Keep up the great support!
  8. Tekkit Main v1.2.8e I am trying to disable the radiation effects in uranium in the mod Atomic Science. I want to disable this feature because players can use them to harm each other on a multiplayer server. Changing the following values doesn't disable the radiation effects: " B:"Enabled radioactive"=true" and " B:"Disable Radiation"=false" The full config: http://pastebin.com/fqbU6MPZ
  9. Whenever a certain player (this has happened with multiple players) with a thermal expansion pipe (conduit, duct) enters the server, they immediately crash it. I have the following crash report: http://pastebin.com/qTcEgbw9 I also have the following server.log of the crash: http://pastebin.com/AX0y7UKV Any help appreciated. (I tried posting this in Bug Reports multiple times and received an "Oops Something Went Wrong!" error.)
  10. After updating to Tekkit Main 1.2.8e, there is an immediate notice of instability. The first thing I check when I notice something like this is the server TPS and RAM usage. Server TPS: 19.9 Free Memory: 3,540 MB. So then I look back at any recent changes I made to the server. The only thing I've changed in the past 24 hours since the server was stable was that I updated to server 1.2.8e. When I talk about instability, I am referring to large delays. For example when mining, running a command, opening a door, chatting, etc. I would like to conclude that 1.2.8e is causing this and I hope graciously for a developer to look into this issue. The following updates have altered the server sufficiently: ChickenChunks codechickencore EnderStorage notenoughitems WR-CBE
  11. My server is having issues with this version. I'm not even sure how I can describe what is going on but I am sure you guys will look into it. Please don't create recommended builds that are unstable..
  12. Yes Yes, the lack of FOV change is what I am referring to. Is there any option I can change to fix this?
  13. I was curious if anyone had a solution to the sprint bug in Tekkit 1.2.8d. I've tried changing a setting in the nuimna.cfg but that setting didn't change anything. If anyone could provide support, I would be grateful. Regards
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