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  1. MC Username: Sdtwbaj What I think of the server: The server is amazingly fun, great community. The lag problems are minimal and mobs/resources are plentiful. I generally recommend this over most servers and hope everyone can come join us!
  2. Hia, I'm sdtwbaj. I want someone that I can play tekkit with on Next Generation Gaming, if you've never played there it's fine, it's really easy to get in to. Here's the criteria I am looking for; Can use Skype with microphone Age: 9-13 (I'm flexible) Must be fine with high voices (If you complain about it at all, I'm done.) Speak very good English. I don't mind if you're inexperienced at Tekkit, frankly I am myself. If you want to, then just add sdtwbaj on Skype and send him a message saying "I'll do it" OR reply to this post with your Skype name. Thanks, sdtwbaj
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