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  1. Having a problem with my world, don't know what to do really. Whenever I go near a certain part of my world I get disconnected with "Internal server error". If I join once more, I get the same error and the server now crashes. If I change my players location to say spawn (using NBTEditor) I can join and play fine. Initially in the log files I had something about Flans mod (although I doubt its flans mod but if I can block the mod just for testing that would be great) but now I seem to just get structure errors leading me to believe its a chunk error. I have made a copy of the world and tried t
  2. 2 Slots are currently available for a limited time, please read OP and respond. Thanks
  3. I will begin choosing players to be a accepted into the server. EDIT: Slots have been filled, thanks everyone. In the future I may add more slots.
  4. Editing this to be more clear. There are a total of two slots available for people to join. I'd like to wait and get a few more people asking to join so it's a bit more selective. I will announce when I will be choosing players to join and when there are no more slots available.
  5. Yes it does because whenever I am low on health I just touch the lava and it restores me to full health. I have also tested with having potions of poison being thrown at me and it has effect on me on the first throw but my health gets restored instantly to full because I am in lava and then the rest of the effect does nothing. The only thing that seems to do the most damage are slimes, they can damage me a lot but after about a second or so I am healed to full again.
  6. There is a glitch I found with blocks that deal with XP from Openblock such as the Openblock Tank and the Openblock XP Drain blocks. Right click on the openblock tank to take back some of your XP (I took 30). Then go and enchant a tool such (I enchanted a diamond pick axe) and then after enchanting step back on the XP Drain block and for some reason your XP will go back to 30 and it will start being put back into the tank. Essentially infinite XP, this needs to be fixed.
  7. The way advanced genetics and the ability to swim or not take damage in lava is a bit hacky. I have noticed that the way it keeps you alive, or allows you to swim in lava, is that it seems to constantly max out your health or set your health to a high enough level so that the damage done by the lava is so insignifcant you no longer take damage. This...is a bit hacky. People who have this gene can essentially stand in a pool of lava and be empervious from any other damage by anyone or any other thing...hence being invincible (I have not done this but I have thought of this). Anyone else that th
  8. I noticed you added some things to increase server performance such as OPIS and MCPC+. What kind of hardware does the the minecraft server run on, and what is your upload speed? My ATB server runs just fine with 2-3 people but I am wondering if I should add these types of things to see if it will even further increase performance (although already it runs fine). (My hardware is amd phenom ii x4, 8gb memory, default memory is given to atb, 7200rpm sata3 hdd).
  9. Well they cant remove the mod because they can't join the server anymore. They have disabled microblocks on NEI and same issue persists.
  10. The only issue is that they get a rather large lag spike when opening menus such as their inventory, or the crafting table menu etc. I believe this is because of NEI or whatever plugin displays all of the blocks on the side of the screen. They have tried disabling NEI but still get the lagspike. They have tried optifine already and it does make the game run better but does not get rid of the lag spike when opening menus. Any more good ideas? Thanks so far.
  11. Is there some type of craftable item on ATB you can wear that will hide your username?
  12. A few of my friends that like to play ATB have old computers. I am aware that ATB has over 100 mods, but is there any way that you (devs) can further improve performance on ATB? The issue my friends have is that they get a big lag spike everytime they open their inventory/GUIs (crafting tables, thermal expansion machines, etc), I am assuming this is has to do with NEI Plugin. They have tried to disable NEI but the lag spike still exists. Any ideas?
  13. Sorry for not posting any updates in a while, I still have not picked anyone yet. I will begin now though. EDIT: Slots have been filled, thanks everyone.
  14. Could you give a sentence or two describing why you would want to join?
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