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  1. Unfortunately I don't play on any Multiplayer servers I'd like to, but my internet despises me when I try to join a server, so I just play on single player producing multiple time sinks of projects, including my new Underground Witchery Fortress. I'm gonna start up a thread with screenshots and a DL link for my map when it's done, and thus far (even in it's unfinished state) it's my favourite build. But anyway, there's a lot of things that I'd love to do on a Multiplayer server but I just have some restraints/excuses, mainly being internet, school and an unwillingness to start over XD
  2. Yeah, I just figured that that particular gene was meant for the mod to be played on it's own XD With the amount of health I have all I need is the Resistance gene and protective armour will become redundant, so I can make a nice suit of Exo Armour.
  3. Well so far (without using the remove gene exploit) I have 55 hearts (on the health bar, this is represented as 10 Red, 10 Orange, 10 Yellow, 10 Green, 10 Blue and 5 Purple). It was easy really, all I did was get the 10 Red and Yellow Heart Canisters (to get up to 30 hearts) then I used the More Health gene. I know it's a bug but what it does is it takes all of your health, adds it on top and then subtracts 5 hearts. I never actually saw the Green hearts, it just went straight from Yellow to Purple.
  4. This is an intended feature, and it doesn't make you taller, it's block is the same size as Soul Sand. Meaning that the block is pretty much fast Soul Sand.
  5. The Steam Turbine was a source of cheap infinite power and has since been patched. You now need a Steam Dynamo connected to an Aqueous Accumulator to get basic energy.
  6. Yeah I noticed that too, I crashed in my creative test world when I placed it too. It got me curious, that's for sure.
  7. Yeah use Tesseracts, but if you're unable to create those at this point then set up some Waypoints (from the Waypoints mod, it allows you to teleport) or some Enhanced Portals at each place and simply fill up your inventory, backpacks and Strongboxes then go in between. It's a good alternative if Tesseracts aren't an option.
  8. TFW I have to use my own sig to upload an issue :(

  9. Perhaps try using the lighter 64x version instead. It runs 4 times faster than the 128x pack.
  10. Eh I gave myself a ton of stuff back when my rocket crashed on the moon. I didn't get the "Hold space to slow down" message until I was about to explode.
  11. That's good to hear and I'm glad to have helped!
  12. You could try using MCEdit to manually remove all of the blocks that are causing you trouble
  13. Your best bet of having these mods added is if: 1) They fit the theme of Attack of the B-Team (evil science kinda theme). 2) You attempt to get in touch with one of the members of the B-Team (either Generik or Bdubs) and hope that they get enough of a push for it. Here's my personal opinion about the mods: To be honest I don't think MCA would really fit it, Portal Gun maybe (since we've already got Dubstep Guns). BackTools is more of an aesthetic mod, same with MobDismemberment and Shatter, so if you want them feel free to add them at your own risk. The Camping Mod I feel would more
  14. I pulverised about 42 Ferrous Ore and ended up with 5 Shiny Dust. Time to get mining again.
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