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  1. I LOVE Attack of the B-Team, but I think it needs the following mods: Minecraft Comes Alive Portal Gun Shatter BackTools Mob Dismemberment TheCampingMod Pokecycles Computercraft Starminer Optifine Moses And it also needs TreeCapitator, if you can add it in.
  2. Could you add the Smart Moving mod, so you can have more active abilities, and Minecraft Comes Alive, so you can raise a family?
  3. I'm not able to make a mod pack! The e-mail won't come to me for verification!

  4. It just needs a verification code. Is there any other way to get it? Could I change the e-mail address?
  5. I checked the spam folder, but it isn't there! Now what do I do?
  6. I try to verify my e-mail to access my technic account, but I NEVER GET THE E-MAIL FOR THE CODE!! HOW ELSE DO I VERIFY MY TECHNIC ACCOUNT?
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