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  1. Hello, recently i have tried installing a texture pack for Attack Of The B Team. I have downloaded both: - Sphax BDCraft 128xMC16 -Sphax BDCraft AOTBT patch I have used WinRAR to open and both extract Sphax BDCraft AOTBT assests (The mod texture packs) and move them into the Sphax BDCraft 128xMC16. I have then discarded the Sphax BDCraft AOTBT and moved the Sphax BDCraft 128xMC16. into my .technic>modpacks>AOTBT>Resourcepacks folder (Still zipped) Everytime i try to open Attack Of The B Team and seclect options>Resourcepacks>Sphax, it crashes me instantly Thanks for the help Could you please respond with your own ways to install or parts i have missed, thanks!
  2. Hello, anybody with a good Attack Of The B Team experiance please contact me, this inclueds no crashes and always logging into multiplayer servers successfully everytime! Skype: Jaxon.Wyatt (Australia) (Pic of the boy with a red cap) NOTE: any creeps that try to friend me, then dont talk to me about B Team WILL be reported/blocked/removed from contacts
  3. I believe the Attack Of The B Team modpack has too many mods! this bas caused to many people to crash, i would like it if the mod mybe had 50 - 70 mods not 111... I would get rid of all the usless mods!
  4. Try redownloading the pack. it may have missed downloading the .properties in the Minecraft files.
  5. Try using cheatmode.... use [] to select a new morph and press ENTER to become that Morph. Passive mobs are buged at the moment. (eg. Pigs, Chickens, Cows)
  6. ^ My gig on;y goes up to 1... is there a way i can define that?
  7. I have the same experiance... Are you playing on a server? if your in singleplayer try playing it offline. If your in multiplayer quit the game, enter the technic client and select the cog/settings in the top right corner. There you will see the Memory Bar. select that and nudge it up to 1 - 3 G and you will be fine CAUTION: PUTTING THE GIG ANY HIGHER MAY RESULT IN JAVA CRASHES!
  8. Hello, Recently i installed Technic B Team and when i ligged in and installed it, it straight away said Out of memory... I have fixed this by reinstalling the pack. Everytime i log into a server i successfully do it but when i logg of the server and log back on it crashes me and i have to log on again, How do i fix this? I have changed the amount of Gig its allowed to use but my limit is 1G... Is there a way i can define this and go upto 2G? Thanks if you helped i greatly appreciate it
  9. HI! ok, im playing b-Team and i relised when my cursor looks at a block it tells me in a little box on the top of my screen what it is! how do i get rid of it!
  10. cool. i have no server to play on, so is it ok if i play on yours?
  11. Well theres nothing more i can suggest but to ask the B-Team modders to kindly add a mod.
  12. well than theres 1 thing only... Javascript
  13. http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/chestshop/ I would also download http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/iconomy/ it really helps. Is it possible i could get a Ip to your server if you have one? i can help you from there of you need it?
  14. Optifine is added a special way. it is not added by dragging a file. i would suggest searching this website http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-172-optifine-hd-c2-fps-boost-hd-textures-aa-af-and-much-more/ for the right Download. After that you will have a download in your downloads folder. drag that onto your desktop and open it. there it will ask you were to install it. write the technic (%appdata%) URL and try that. if that dos'nt work then im wrong
  15. I would suggest entering .technic in %appdata% and deleting Attack-Of-B-Team and reinstalling it. there it could reinstall all the right textures. Aldo, if you're using a texturepack i'd take it off and see what happens
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