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  1. Application: In Game Name: Supershadow301 Age: 14 Experience with Attack of the B-Team: I know all the mods, especially Witchery, Tinkers' Construct, Archeology/Paleontology mod and Tropicraft. Skype: Supershadow30 Personality: curious, pretty kind (if only I could team with someone...) sometime "darker than it looks", sometime trollsome and scared of a lot of things (Torment dimension, Banshees, Tornados, THOSE FREAKIN' NYAN PIGS!) Are you good at building? Meh... Not really... I'm not good, but I'm not bad either. Why should you be accepted? Because I'm sure I could help peoples with the mods they don't know, and because I won't grief. Is there anything you would like to share? I've been banned once by a hater... Because I did a complicated redstone system and because he was jealous. And (this may doesn't help) I'm french, so my english is and won't be perfect... What's your favourite mod in this pack? Well... THE AMAZING TRAIL MIX MOD!!!! Would you be interested in donating for the server? I can't really donate... Maybe if it use PayPal... I, Supershadow30(1), have read the rules and accepted them with pride and honor. /Supershadow30
  2. Age: 14 IGN: Supershadow301 Skype: Supershadow30 How often will you play on the server? Maybe every day. As soon as I can. But since I'm going on vacation, I may be on later. Are you willing to play fair? Why shouldn't I? Will you respect other players and their stuff/builds? Only if they respect mine, but yes! Just one last thing: I am french, so my english may not be perfect. Moreover, since I furiously love hunting music discs, some creepers may blow up near skeletons or without any reason.
  3. I can't connect to this server. Why? What version is it in?
  4. In-Game Name: Supershadow301 Location: France Age: 14 Skype: Supershadow30 Why do you want to join?: Because I'm searching a little community without banned items/mods and plug-in that ruins vanilla minecraft, on Attack of the B-Team. How experienced are you with the mods?: I know almost all the mods and I know pretty well some kinda hard to understand mods. What mods are you the best at?: Tinkers' Construct, Witchery, Tropicraft, Archeologie/Paleotologie: reported and Advanced Genetics.
  5. In Game Name: Supershadow301 (I use it when I can't use Supershadow30) Age: 13. (yeah... it's kinda young...) Skype: Supershadow30 Why would you like to join this server?: Because I want to have fun in a little, good community, not in an enormous PVP/RP server. Why would other people want you to be in the server?: Because I can be a good help. Moreover, I know well some complicated mods, like Witchery, Tinkers' Constructs, Tropicraft, Food Plus, etc. That's all I can say. If you need help for builds or stuff like those, you can ask.
  6. App: I wanna a normal server! Without plug-ins, banned mods/items and stuff like this... Moreover, I don't really like pvp... I.G. name: Supershadow301 Favorite mod: Hmm... hard question... I think... Tinkers' Constructs, the Arceology mod, Tropicraft and THE MINIONS MOD!!! Who are you in-game?: Oh... I'm not a good builder... And I'm not really an explorer... Maybe... tech genuis? How well do you know mods?: I know pretty well Tinkers' Constructs and a little bit Tropicraft. I also know well Food Plus. Age: 13 (Yeah... I'm young but I'm not silly like some people are...) Accept if you want.
  7. I.G. name: Supershadow301 Age: 13 Knowledge of this modpack: 7,5. I explored a lot of mod, but not every of them. I know a lots of things about Tinkers' Constructs, Tropicraft and the Arceology mod. Why I wanna join the server? : Because... First: I played in singleplayer, but I want to try playing with other peoples! Second: I want a server without any plug-in, but not a pvp server. I mean... Where the minion mod is not banned, where there's no rule about claiming or stuff like that. I want to play PURE minecraft. But don't worry, I'm not a griefer and I personally HATE THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE!! Like everybody... Third: I don't wanna play with 50 peoples, Just with 3/5 peoples but not a lot of peoples, because the world would change too much and too fast. So yeah... I'll just wait until you say something.
  8. I want to use the coconuts bombs, from tropicraft. But when I try to launch them, a message say: "You do not have the permission to use the coconut bombs Check the coconut bomb whitelist in the Tropicraft config file." But I don't know where it is!! Help me!
  9. Hum... In fact, I can't demorph using any keys!!! Only by using the comand... I know than scaring peoples the sh*t out of them as zombie is cool, but when you want to go outside at daytime, it become horrible!! You BURN!!!! Like a zombie!
  10. Well, I played Attack of the B-Team and since the new update, I can't demorph without using the command!!!! Help me please!! Because I am blocked in survival mode!!
  11. Yep. I already saw them... In creative mode... They are passive, they attack hostile mob, not passive one, they don't drop anything (except necromancy's stuff), some of them can burn, they can have what I call "larva" form (their "children") and they look like minecraft mobs/pokemons (purple insane enderman, "naked-like" zombie, very light green slime, orange/yellow cow, pink pig, "pikachu", "squirtle" and their "larva"), but weirder... Just... leave them alone... They're cool... They defend you against zombies and creepers... Even against the skellingt... skeleton boss... Or kill'em for muscles and morphing... They've got a strange look... Especially the enderman... Pranking his friend on a server with that could be cool.
  12. Well, I think it's because you have a mac... (at ancient posts, people who have the same problem said that they have macs, so...) Moreover, I never get that problem and I'm on Windows 8.
  13. I want to know how I could create my own server with Big Dig 1.5.2. I don't want a big server, just a little server to play with my friends...
  14. But it doesn't matter! I found on the wiki that the "os" have been replaced by "/". Thanks a lot!
  15. I've recently discovered a big tree. It has big roots, it is pretty big and it is really, really, really, REALLY... high. Its wood's name is redwood (redwood, redwood bark, redwood root, etc.) and I can't cut it using treecapitator, since it has lot of wood block. So, I want to know how I could cut it fast.
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