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  1. Rules: just play fair. be treated how you want to be treated pranks are fine, i wont tell you how to play minecraft, just play the way you would want others to play with you. this server will be based on the honors system, thats why its whitelisted. application: Age: IGN: Skype: Youtube Channel (If you have one): how often will you play on the server? are you willing to play fair? will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? a little information about the server... this server is largely based off of mindcrack. I want to be able to trust the players on my server, thats why its whitelisted, there are NO plugins or for anti cheating or anti griefing etc... the server is hosted by cubedhost and there is 16 slots and 1GB of RAM so it will be online 99% of the time and runs with no lag whatsoever. there are NO ranks. everybody is equal on this server. i just made this server to have fun with other players... i expect you to be respectful and HAVE FUN. if you want to be added to the whitelist, post your application below, and i will give you the IP, however if you refuse to play respectfully, you will be banned. also, DO NOT break others builds, steal others things, etc. while pranking!
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