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  1. Could you please whitelist me i would love to join this server, cause ive been looking for a server like this in months. In Game Name: _BattleLord_
  2. Hi could i join this server? My IGN is _BattleLord_ and i have been looking for A server like this for months. Soo please give me A change and whitelist me ;)
  3. Looking for Attack Of The B-Team server to join ;)

  4. Age: 15 IGN: _BattleLord_ Skype: lmpuia Youtube Channel (If you have one): I do not have a YouTube channel how often will you play on the server? I will play all day every day, because i have been looking for a server like this in months and couldnt find a single server, soo i really hope that i can get on this are you willing to play fair? Yeah i dont grief, hacks or anything that ruins the gameplay will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? Yes i will respect others amazing builds =D
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