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  1. there seems to be no news whatsoever on the technic platform about current packs being updated or new packs being developed. can we expect new official packs or updates?
  2. the title says it all. its about time someone finally made a compleet faithfull texture pack. the vanilla look of 16x16 is too rough for my eyes and all the other mayor texture (or is it resource now) pack designers try to make a cartoon of minecraft and also only 64x64 (which is overkill) i there a faithfull pack for Attack of the B team? if not, can someone competent please make one? i know there are scraps from other modpacks (mostly FTB) but not nearly half of the mods in Attack of the B team have faithfull textures when used
  3. or add the block id's of microblocks and carpenters to the config yourself? and if it works, PM the modpack maker and suggest he adds it
  4. hi there. i would love t join your server and build up the community. i always want the most vanilla experience as possible and this is like the "hermitcraft" without the massive youtube channels. a bit of details: 24 year old man with lots of minecraft experience and a few years of FTB modded experience.
  5. IGN - mikesmit Age - 24 Favorite Mod in B Team - Galacticraft What do you like to do in Servers? - explorering, create epic builds, doing stuff for community Why do you want to join my server? - your server is excactly what i am looking for. nice community. no mod restrictions or other silly rules. Skype? (no need to list your skype here, ill pm you) - (i dont use skype anyways) Favorite Color - not sure, havent thought about this questions since i was a child LOL
  6. Ingame name: mikesmit How long you have played mc/b-team: i've played b-team for about 6 months now and been playing minecraft sice 1.4 How often you play mc/b-team: any time i can (mostly 4-5 days a week a few hours a day) Age: 24 Other information: i've been looking for community servers to play on and have fun on. not worrying about griefers and building stuff for and with the community. generally having a good time with the fellow server members
  7. is there a particular reason carpenters blocks cant be used on archimedes ships anymore?
  8. i have to agree with you on this :/. like i said AE can be missed if you are willing to put the effort in PR. but this does not solve the power problem :/. we still dont have pumps in the modpack, so lava from the nether is still a bit out of reach (also, the chunkloader from MFR is really expensive ). as of now i power my base with charcoal from my auto tree farm, it has the added bonus of giving lots of the dye trees saplings needed for project red and being selfsustainable. but the sad thing is that its really noisy and takes allot of space in my base (the dye trees can grow in all the different trees in the game, some are really tall) i would love to see another power source that is a bit smaller and less noisy (and laggy). it doesnt need to be selfsustainable (hence big reactors) but i dont like baby sitting the power generation by the way, does anybody know why the ores generate like a milion per chunk? also why all the way up to y=100? the first 10 days i didnt mine anything. everything i needed presented itself in ravines and surface caves it took a bit too easy
  9. its a old topic, however you should know that MFR has a chunkloader (VERY VERY VERY expensive)
  10. Though i would really want AE in this pack (unlike most here), the thing this pack needs most is more power generation options (my suggestion, Big Reactors). big reactors only adds power generation and a new ore. nothing more side note, project red isnt too bad aside from its steep learning curve and over use of the annoying dyes i would also deeply appreciate a faithfull texture pack for this modpack. i really dont like the cartoonish look (like soartex) of most texture packs
  11. did you use the provided .bat file? setting up a server isnt as easy as starting a new single player game. the "press any key to continue" is an indication that the .bat file is finished. but this is not what you intended as you want the server keep running make sure the content of the .bat file is this. java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar BTeam.jar nogui pause (note:the last line is the most important as it keeps the server running instead of starting and immediatly closing)
  12. the title says it all. i own a server located in northern france and i am looking for people to play B-Team with. the server is a survival server though i want no pvp action. i am looking for people who like to build stuff and things for and with the community, show off awesome builds and massive machines made. if you like to apply please reply in the comments and i'll evaluate you (things like past forum posts, replies etc) all in all i want a balenced server when it comes to geography. multiple people from different time zones though not far apart so that no one plays alone when offensive behavior and/or griefing etc is detected you are immediatly removed from the whitelist. remember, first come first serve. the server cant handle more then 20 connections at a time. so no more then 30 people may ever be whitelisted at the same time.