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  1. I understand again Aether is too big and I do understand your point on build craft how this mod pack likes to keep the basis of core Minecraft
  2. i like it but its not feed the beast this mod pack isn't all about technology. plus portal gun I believe is bugged and the portals won't even open up on the gun, but I may be mistaken. Also there has to be some transparency between mod packs. Like when I mentioned buildcraft it blew up in my face because it's like every other Modpack
  3. Yea I understand your reasons and forgot about the lumber axe from tinkers construct but I do believe the breaking of portals and multiblock structures has been fixed by him. Most likely he was forced to do because of his argument
  4. These mod have been asked for but for the wrong reasons. I don't ask for these mods for myself but for everyone and have though of the good it would bring to the official attack of the b-team server and the users if the pack FEEL FREE TO ADD OR EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT WHAT I WANT TO CHANGE #1. Railcraft This mod brings elaborate track systems to Minecraft and can be used to create roller coasters and train systems to bring you through your destination. It also gives you another variety of power generation because right now the only two good ways to get power are from mob essence and
  5. well then can they make it like it is in feed the beast where u have a option to enable the content packs to your choosing
  6. I just wanted to know if the b-team could take a look at the flans content packs again I think it would be awesome for them to use cars helis or even anti air guns in there builds. Plus right know flans in the pack doesn't have much functionality with the Titan pack and no one uses it on the b-team server so I think this would make the mod way better and I think instead of Kerala having a millions guns he could have another million vehicles
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