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  1. Yeah, this is one of those rare situations where PM'ing a moderator for advice might have been the best first move. Is there a 'hide thread' option or something like that you guys can use in the meanwhile?
  2. Your best bet is probably to post a launcher log up in the tracker so we can make sure it's actually loading NEI properly for you, links to help are in my sig.
  3. Ugh, I need to get off the forums and go to bed. /home
  4. There's a lot of TC metadata, give it a go but I wouldn't hold out hope.
  5. You effectively could, by making an equivalent pack in the new launcher! If only someone had suggested that earlier, we could've saved all of this time!
  6. Weird- the compendium explained it all (for the structures at least) right from the beginning in the version I'm using. To cut a long story short for people who find this in the future; The obelisk (neutral essence) is now the most basic structure. It's a single block that's made in a crafting table, not a multiblock structure (until you upgrade it, at least). Wizards chalk isn't required in the construction of the obelisk, but can be used as an upgrade or for purifying/corrupting the obelisk into the light/dark versions. The pillars aren't required anymore, they're just an upgrade.
  7. Oh wow, I remember this - congratulations on eliciting that rant out of me, I'm usually more reserved than that It's a no (login difficulties at the least) as people had said on the previous page, but the important thing is it doesn't matter - the new launcher can run old versions of minecraft with the old versions of mods, you'll just need to get a pack with what you want in it. Either search here to try to find something that fits what you wanted: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/list Or go on here and request the kindness of strangers in assembling it for you: http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/65-platform-pagoda/ (if you do that, be specific and polite or people are unlikely to bother).
  8. Ah, there we go, thanks Melfice - I knew I wasn't imagining it! They really should have that info on the brew pages themselves.
  9. To clarify, that part hasn't changed: they couldn't be used on a ship before. The difference is that now you can use them to build a fancy dock (which the ship/airship won't pick up) instead of it just crashing (and crashing all players on the server near you) if you tried to get into an airship with carpenters blocks touching.
  10. It's a setting in CofH core, it's (I think) to accommodate the lack of having a quarry or digital miner (you can get most of the resources easily enough but you do still have to mine yourself, same deal with the pump - no heavy automation was one of the design goals, and having pumps would just mean "nether pump + magmatic generator" would become the best power option). If you want something smaller and less laggy than a treefarm but you've got that set up already you might want to consider converting it into a biofuel plant growing farm, feeding a biofuel reactor from that and using the biofuel in combustion engines. It doesn't have the 'power bleed' that the steam engines have that way, so it won't run once it fills up. Alternatively you can go with a sewer (and pigs/cows) with sugarcane farm setup, it seems to be a lot less laggy though the sugarcane farms need to be large.. Finding a workable power system is one of the biggest challenges in this pack, there's still a bunch of interesting ways to do it though - though none of them are convenient. Mob-spawner/grinder to lxp (and combustion engines) seems to be the most common high-end power setup.
  11. Oh yeah, there's plenty of ways of fixing it on a server, I was thinking as a more general stopgap for AotBT for people who don't like to fiddle with server economy systems or NBT editors.
  12. All base varieties, or any of the 100+million possible combinations?
  13. Maybe netherrack tinkers stuff could be put on mineBay in mrCrayfishes mod until it's figured out? It'd cost an emerald to buy each part rather than netherrack, but it'd make the items legitimately attainable (or maybe just the netherrack plate for the igniter).
  14. Cobblestone can't be used for tools, that's an old change to TC and is by design - you need to use smooth stone now. The Netherrack thing is a bug, though.
  15. Sounds like a keyboard problem more than anything - do you have a wireless keyboard that's running out of batteries, perhaps? Does tapping both the shift keys a few times fix it when this happens?
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