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  1. I currently have the owl familiar, and yeah it is summoned... Does one need to have a toad familiar? If so, I'll try changing familiar and then see if I can pick it up
  2. So yeah as the topic title says, I have successfully brewed the Brew of Cursed Leaping from the Witchery mod. I get the white bubbles and what not that indicate that the brew is successful, however, I cannot seem to get the brew from the kettle into empty glass bottles as when I use the glass bottles on the kettle, nothing happens... And no, my inventory isn't full. It doesn't say anything special on the wiki.. Any of you guys know what's going on?
  3. I see you reached max capacity - still thought I'd leave a post in case you ever will accept more people. I'm Morten aka Sady2k from Denmark. I'm twenty years old. I just gratuated so I have a lot of freetime to play games and what not and this server of yours sounds interesting and a lot of fun. I've been playing the Attack of the B-Team modpack in singleplayer pretty much since it was released and I think it's time to move on to a multiplayer server. Playing with other people is so much more enjoyable than playing alone, so I really hope to find a proper server to play on, and this serve
  4. Age; I'm 20 years old Favorite Mod; It has to be either Thermal Expansion or Tinkers' Construct, though I really think Witchery is awesome too! Reason for joining; I've been playing singleplayer Attack of the B-Team pretty much since the modpack was released, and I would love to join a multiplayer server to enjoy the game with other players as well - I think this server sounds like the perfect fit for me, and I believe I'd fit perfectly on the server as well. By applying for the Whitelist you agree to abide by the rules set on the server. Do you understand this? : I most definitely understa
  5. My name's Morten, AKA. Sady2k. I'm a 20-year-old recently-graduated student from Denmark. I've been looking to join an Attack of the B-Team server which focus lies on the community part. After playing singleplayer pretty much since the modpack was released, I'm really looking forward to start playing together with other Minecraft players, and I think this concept sounds really awesome. As I mentioned, I just graduated from highschool (I guess it is..) so I have a lot of freetime thus I'd be very active on the server if I was to be accepted. I'm a calm and chill dude, and I get around everyone
  6. IGN? Sady2k How active? Since I just graduated, I have all the time in the world pretty much. Age? 20 How well do you know the mod pack? I've been playing the modpack since its release. Additionally, I've watched some stuff on YouTube, so yeah.. I'm fairly familiar with the pack. Are you willing to help the community/donate to help with costs? If I'm having a great and enjoyable time, sure, why not. Whats your favorite mod in the server? I guess it has to be either Thermal Expansion or Tinkers' Construct. Skype name? morten_gordoaap
  7. 1. In Game Name: Sady2k 2. Age: 20 3. Experience with AOTBT: I've been playing the modpack since its release. 4. Skype Name: morten_gordoaap 5. Personality: Very laid back and chill in general. Friendly toward everyone. 6. Good at Building?: Sure. 7. Why should you be accepted?: I'd like to finally start playing AOTBT online together with some others instead of only playing singleplayer. I'm an honest and fair guy. I'm very calm and collected and friendly to everyone. I think I'd fit perfectly on this server. 8. Anything you would like to share about yourself(Optional): I'm fro
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