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  1. Welcome Beereed Mowgl13 and zom6ie_slayerz! you have been added to the whitelist! Just a bit of an update something went wrong with the old world and it had to be reset (not a huge deal as this is a new server). but the issue has been resolved but you may experience some lag from new chunks loading as it has not been explored all that much. further more i would like to add that if everyone who is let in is pretty active and things are going well i will be adding more ram. This is a dedicated server and as long as no one causes a crash while i am afk then it should always be up! See you guys in there!
  2. Welcome Sady2k! you have been added to the whitelist! and wolf im sorry but you were not actually added to the whitelist i had to reload some server files and it had turned off the whitelist.
  3. Welcome Kodahz! you have been added to the whitelist. Just an FYI the server is new so there is no spawn built yet but there will be soon! see you there.
  4. Welcome TreyBlazer95! i currently seem to be having an issue with the whitelist working properly so if it is kicking you for not being whitelisted please shoot me a pm!
  5. IP: naughtyville.mcph.co This server is whitelisted Looking to make a fun enjoyable experience for some people nothing banned all is allowed looking to make it more of a "mindcrack" feel pranking etc allowed stealing/griefing will result in a ban come play and have fun! Server will also be kept small looking for older/mature people Only thing i would like to forbid is pvp while a small mob ie. bat (it makes it really hard to battle) cheat mode will be used to give new users a completed fly gene and the materials for a portal and dial to go to spawn. it is not a pvp based server although pvp is allowed KOS will not be tolerated and after a battle the winner should not take the other users items. please comment age and why i should let you in and anything else you think will help you get in. Hope to see you there! Please add IGN when applying.
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