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  1. IP : Withheld Rules ; [1] No Griefing [2] No Stealing [3] No Begging [4] No Advertising other servers [5] PvP in PvP Zones [6] Glitching, Hacking or any form of exploit including x-ray is not allowed [7] Respect Staff, you play for free so be nice, they help foot the bill [8] Have fun! No Mods banned or disabled. No items banned or disabled. Sovngarde was made out of a want for a nice server with no banned items, where the players could build their bases and epoc builds and knew it was both secure and safe. No griefers, no stealing just a small knit community having fun. Thus Sovngarde was born, a strange name for a cozy place. -Uptime- Server is up mostly 24/7. With Backup and restarts at 8am Est and 8pm Est daily. Whitelist Application Age; Favorite Mod; Reason for joining; By applying for the Whitelist you agree to abide by the rules set on the server. Do you understand this? : If you could have one thing added to a server what would it be? Once again, by applying to the Whitelist you agree to the Rules of this server and understand that breaking the rules can result in punishment or ban. SargentSnacks ~Owner~
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