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  1. Chris3819, on 21 Jul 2014 - 6:37 PM, said: Your accepted, i will pm you the ip and i will whitelist you on the server. Im not whitelisted I've told you this Boffen7 but you seem to not notice please contact me.
  2. IGN Chris38199 First Name Chris or you can call me Chrispy Skype I haz rather pm Age; 14 turning 15 in april paragraph I like to join a small community so that I can play together learn from other people (about witchery) Im gonna be on about for 1-3 hours daily unless I want to play another game or cant. Ive used laser drills in a creative world and their energy hogs I wont use them but other than that I found CHEESE in my chest and I was in awe never heard or seen it (moon cheese) I will be building a house making my own energy stuff so I can make all kinds on things like mob farms heart farms and even gold farms I will donate to the community for a carpenters blocks farm if theirs isnt one already, but i will need to hook that up to a power system that plants and harvest trees.
  3. Hello their Greenbabe Im 14 years of age next year 15 the reason I want to join is so that I can have a small little community of people join your server and I would love to join it because farming simulator 2013 is boring now and I got minecraft but Im waiting for 1.8 to come out so I can play. And Im pretty good at almost everything the witchery mod is a no for me dont ask anything about that for me. Im good at energy and automatic systems and Im good at building stuff. And from a scale from 1 to 10 on how much I know this modpack its about a 9 1/2 im not fimilar with all the mods I mean come on who is theirs about 120 mods so Im not gonna be the ownage of them all. If u accept me can you private message me the ip address thank you for reading this ign in Chris38199
  4. IGN: Chris38199 Why should I pick you?: Im an all out power machinist and I'm respectful and a worker Are you a good builder? sorta, kinda not the best but i can build stuff for ya Have you ever gotten banned from another server before? no I don't do bad stuff I'm nice as long as other people are nice. How old are you? 14 but I'm mature and I'm serious. "power is in with me" I do have Skype if you do ask me.
  5. What are the commands and are warps and is their a command trust a certain person and how do you expand your And protection zone. And I'll be a admin I'm good and trusted and I would an a helpful person I've seen all of the officials of the official attack of the b team server so I'm pretty helpful right now I'm trying to get a smeltery up so I can mine and get ores so that I can make stuff add get power cuz I owe a person for giving me advanced genetics fly and resistance so in giving him machines and power.
  6. Age; 14 Favorite Mod; thermal expansion and Tinkers constrt Reason for joining; I want to be with a group of people that are nice and not jerks who tp to you and kill you and steal all your stuff By applying for the Whitelist you agree to abide by the rules set on the server. Do you understand this? : yes If you could have one thing added to a server what would it be? teamspeak and clearlag My ign is Chris38199
  7. Ign ChrisGriffin Skype ChrisGriffin Of course I would help hide a body
  8. I think I found a bug because before the update I didn't have this problem it's when I try to move some stuff out of my hotbar and it switched it with other stuff and then when I clicked on stuff in my inventory it would switch it out and then it would do like I said above it would only let me use the Normal way when I opened or right clicked on tinkers stuff s and better storage chests any thing else I can't tell you.
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